Active Recovery With Refrigerant Pump

Does anyone on here have any experience doing active recovery with a refrigerant pump? I’ve had some people tell me not to do it but the guy I got my system from said I would be fine to do it. I’ve only ever ran active recovery with an air driven pump, any advice would be much appreciated

Which pump?

Is it rated for use in an explosive atmosphere?

Do you know what r600 is? R290?

“A refrigerant pump” could mean one you salvaged from a refrigerator…and some of those might even be appropriate (see r600) except for how they are lubricated…

The caresaver, appion g2, cps trs21 were all used extensively in the infancy of this industry (and are “refrigerant” pumps).

The CMEP-OL was the first pump explicitly designed for our use case, but the fact that is shipped with a 350psi cut-off points to the fact that it too was initially a refrigerant pump.

So tell us what you got and dig into your actual concerns…


The pump I have is a Pro-Set TR21 refrigerant recovery pump, I haven’t heard of those tho no. Do you have a link to em?

You need the “sparkless” model.



@cyclopath I thought they where all sparkless

I guess my main concern is with it no being explosion proof that I can see I just wonder if it’s safe, I’ve never used an electric pump to recover solvent either, I’ll have to check into those pumps you listed

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Have you heard of a mod to make that tr21 sparkless? The guy I got it from said he did something to it but I’m not sure what it was I’ll have to ask him

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the all knowing one says otherwise…


Open it up and pour distillate on the electronics?

See: potting electronics


Yeah he returned it and got a TRS21 the S stands for sparkless.


Would you trust your life on that “mod”?

Doesn’t sound worth it to me especially on an 800$ pump


The tr21 has a removable power cord. Start it up and unplug it.

Don’t remember if the cord is permanently attached on the trs21. Should be. Either way it has a plug on it within a couple of feet, so it’s not actually appropriate for the task, it was just the best we could find at the time.

There should be Haskell’s looking for new owners around here…


So the power cord is the difference in the two?

No that’s most likely just the noticeable difference


If the “fix” your buddy applied did not include glueing the power cord in, it is not fixed.

You can demonstrate that by


This helped a lot, one love


So this is the mod he was talking about, have you ever seen it?

I use trs 21 that’s rated for r600

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Kit does nothing to address “sparkless”.

@420guy ok, now tell us the difference between the Trs21 and the tr21.

Hint; it has to do with sources of ignition

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