Active recoveries are taking forever all of sudden

not sure whats up. havent ran for a week or so but fired it up last night and again this morning and my recovery times have gone from about an hour to 2 hours +. water temp is 95f. trs 21 is on and running. dry ice in acetone slurry. what do you guys think gives? im thinking it may be time for a rebuild? i just got the pump 2 months ago. it probably has 50 hours on it.

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oh shit. just remembered when i fired up the pump the other day i forgot to open a valve and it shut off… do you think that might have caused it to need a rebuild?

Hard to say, does the pump pull a vacuum and make positive pressure still?
Where is the recovery slow down, near the end? Are you recovering to a full vacuum?

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it does pull vacuum. im sure its still creating positive pressuere as well as its working to recover the solvent and put it back in to my 50 psi tank. the start of the recovery is super slow. i dont recover to full vac. usually only to -5 or -10

its actyally slow the entire time. im at 1.25 hours and still only half way… we should have been by now

ice in your lines?


Got a sieve?


what is your solvent you are using, did you add more recently?

Was vacuum down before the run. I don’t think so but I’ll check more closely to see if I can verify.

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I did just add solvents it’s 70/30 butane propane so my tank is def in the full side

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Is there a chance you have air or n2 in the system?

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is the 70/30 mix what you have been running or did you just switch?

Slim chance. I’m about to do an new batch so I’ll reset everything and see.

Yes been running 70/30 for a month now. Was 40/40/20 before but been adding 70/30 for a month now.

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Thank you guys for helping me figure this out. It’s getting expensive.


Is there anything else that changed besides adding more solvent?
You got a molecular sieve on that bad boy? If so is it regenerated regularly?
Do you have the tank on ice too? One thing to consider is the temps are getting warm again outside, or at least it is here.

on your next run thaw the coil and see if you cant dump some water out of it, that may be the culprit.


Pay to play


No same set up. Mol sieve yes. I never run fresh or pre frozen material so I don’t change that often. We run dry cured only so far. How often should I be changing out beads when running dry material?

Isolate every vessel and check that there is no blockage…make sure your coil is not blocked…or a bead in the sieve blinded your line


Awesome advise thank you

Its your trs. They dont last long. How much solvent are you recovering?
My trs would take upwards of 2min a lb (i hate the trs. Upagrade when you can)

Its not good for the pump to pull it in vaccuum either so you probably blew the seals out