Active recoveries are taking forever all of sudden

is there a good way to test for blow seals?

i recover about 12lbs at a time.

That’s not very much solvent. Keep your coil in the slurry, Put your tank on dry ice and iso, pull vac on it when it’s at temp. Let your collection build pressure to between 30psi & 60psi. Let recovery rip…

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cant pull vac on my tank. i fill it with 25 lbs and use 12 sometimes more. alWAys solvent in it… i dont keep on dry ice eiither i just use my coil in a slurry both ways. i havenet changed anything. was doing 12 lbs in in like an hour when my water bath temps are plus 100f im at 95f now and its just trickling. im taking the whole thing a part after this recovery before i do another batch. something is wrong for sure

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We are recovering at 1.2 lbs per 10 minutes… fee like o can do better passive

i ran solvent thru ever part of the system and nothing seems clogged. i re routed my recovery pump back up to my material column, closed the main valve to isolate material column then ran recovery pump as normal but into the material column. the pressure went up to 50 psi in like 3-4 minutes. .not sure what pressures or how fast it should ramp up. does that sound ok? slow?

is this the tank pressure?

Do you know what your mix is now by the psi, if your using a blend your losing ntane and adding up the propane amount everyrun

No it was the gauge on the material column. I isolated the column and ran the pump to it to get an idea of the pressure from the trs 21. Not sure it was accurate or not. Getting a Propert hvac gauge in the morning to test properly

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Close to 60 so plenary of butane still. If I remember the chart accurately

Would that not equal faster recovery times?

Yes but it will also build more pressure in your tank which will make it harder to push into. Unless your chilling your tank

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I was going to mention that, hot gas= more pressure. This creates a larger differential across the pump. Pumps perform differently under conditions like this. Ever take a peek at a pump curve?


My process for diagnosing trs-21’s:

1)Attach a gauge to the outlet and add any necessary connections so that at max pressure or vac it wont leak.

2 )With nothing attached to the inlet, turn the pump on. This pump has an auto shut off function which is enabled at a certain pressure ( I don’t remember, would have to google) Once pressure is achieved, the red light will turn on and the pump will stop running.

This will let you know that the pump is producing good pressure.

  1. Attach gauge to inlet and repeat. The pump should pull to its max vac rating ( I don;'t remember as i have been running passive for years because fuck pumps and their maintanence, but I think it’s around 22-23 inHg) and hold when turned off.

If not you are leaking from somewhere! The pump guy from Xtractor Depot says that they are inherently leaky and not to worry but if I am leaking solvent consistently then I am going to worry…


i jiust found black chunks of something in my extract… would that be from the pump? something shredding, getting pushed in to my solvent tank then in my next run? it wasnt in my run from last night, fortunately

i kinda did a pressure test the other dAY by accident. forgot to open a valve infront of the pump and it shut off. would that fuck it up? seems like that s what its meant to do with out fucking up…

Possibly… Where is it leaking from?

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If you don’t understand the mechanism of the pump I would recommend taking it to someone who does…

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It’s time to change those beads or regenerate drying in oven.

I do this to new beads for longer life

Probably not your issue but still good practice. Good luck

One thing that can cause a slowdown is a restriction on the inlet side. Somewhere from the port on the collection vessel, through the line to expansion chamber / molecular sieve. If you have a gauge on the mole sieve outlet, any lower pressure here than in your collection vessel is a sign of a restriction or clog.

I believe that it’s 550psi, something you’d never see in operation. If the seals are in good shape, pumping against a closed valve (with a short section of hose) should cause the pump to shut off in 30-60 seconds. The longer it takes the weaker the pump.

She’s toast. Rebuild it or have someone else rebuild it.

Then get a better pump. Depending on how you chill your solvent tank, try passive.