About the CannaBusiness category

This Category is for anything cannabis business related. Here you will find consultants, vendors and more.

If you wish to be included in any of these groups, send me a private message. You will earn a tag by your name (like mine) that will let users know what you’re about.

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I would like to be placed on your Cannabusiness registry. I think I have a lot of knowledge to share.

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I would appreciate being added. Thank you!!

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Hey Doc. Ganjactivist here from Negril Jamaica. What’s this badge thing for the business catagory? I can’t figure out how to PM yet.


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Hello i will like to become a vendor how do i go about the verification please ?

Direct message @Future for details

@Future I’m aspiring to be an antrapanuer in the canna business and wanting to know more advice to start up and what to beware of I’d appreciate it if I was in this group.

Hi, how do I send you a private message? :slight_smile:

I would like to be on that list my name is Brian!

I am looking to do some Networking can I join this group don’t know how to dm @Future

How do we send a private message to you? I can’t seem to find the option.

Please add me to the cannabiz roster. I own an ethanol extraction lab in Central Maine.

I would like to be placed on the CannaBusiness category. I can’t PM yet, but how do I register? @Future

Hello, I can’t seem to see how to send you a PM. I own MJ Engineered and I invent solutions in the Cannabis industry from tools to marketing and have all equipment from CNC to UV large format printers. I work in CAD and Adobe products. I have press plates for cartridges and prototype filling machines. Contact me: MjEngineered@Gmail.com

Please add me

I would like to be added to the group. I recruit in the CBD industry and would like to be educate myself on trends.

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Licensed Professional Engineer.
BS in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.
10+ yrs experience as a consultant in Process Engineering.

Seeking a career change to the medical, or recreational, cannabis industry. I would like to get my foot in the door somewhere.