A Superior Method for Drying Solvents -- Tapioca??

Stumbled upon this interesting article today. Apparently tapioca pearls work nearly as well as molecular sieves for dehydrating ethanol. Cursorily looking around looks like you can get them wholesale for only $600/ton on import (not counting shipping, of course). Unlike my earlier thread about using cement this one you could actually get away with calling it food grade.


Well that sounds pretty sweet. Might be worried about them adsorbing water from the air and going bad? But you’d be running into that problem with grits as well. I feel like they might work better than zeolite though? I find I need to dry zeolite forever working on the west coast.

I read about using corn grits as a way to remove water inline as a part of distillation process- old school cool!

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Yeah, you’d want to keep them in a dry location I’d imagine, esp if buying in bulk. I think they are also much easier to redry than molecular sieves are.

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They’re so cheap I mean can’t you compost them?


Cbd infused tapioca puddin.


Yeah, you could certainly do that too

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I would stay far away from tapioca for pretty much anything, cyanide and what not…

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Seems interesting, but wouldn’t you have to order a FDA tapioca to make sure no contaminants?

It would probably be advisable