A Mushroom Meet Up

After my last post, it was certified that there are a couple mycophiles amongst the readers in this forum.

I was curious to see if there were enough of them, or even enough people who are interested in the idea of fungus and its future to have a meet up in California. I am in Los Angeles and would love to have a chance to sit and talk with like minded people and explore different ideas in the science of mushrooms. I know LA has LAMS (Los Angeles Mycological Society), which I am a member… but I feel like the members on here would be more on the same thought process as myself.

If possible, have some dedicated scientist or enthusiast speak on their findings, planned research, or extractions.

I would love to learn more about permaculture as well. Finding people to speak on this as well and the role fungi plays in every day ecological systems would absolutely blow my mind.

I am very sincere about this idea, if you or anyone you know would be interested in this idea. Or you would be interested in speaking on any topics related to this field of study, please, reach out to me through this post, or send me a DM. Lastly, if you could give me a contact of someone who would be ideal for this (even if they say no, it would be worth trying) I would love to work on setting something up. Please, do not be shy friends!

Comment or DM, I would love to see the responses after the last discussion I had on here.


There have been 2 conventions dedicated to this in the last 60 days (one in cali literally a week ago), and after seeing the quality of both id honestly think that most would be worn out from the lack luster events or too short on cash/off days to travel again so soon at this point, I will personally not be attending ANYMORE as they seem geared more towards being shady moneymaking “pop up” style events


@TheWillBilly I saw the California one of the events as well. I agree that it seemed insanely shady and a quick cash grab scheme. This is why I want to build a community or small group. I am not talking about tickets, I am not talking about people vending there, nothing like that. I mean a general get together. Even a video conference call amongst the community for people to discuss different things they are curious about, share data they have compiled, and research they’ve done. Similar to what LAMS does, but not the slow rigid style meeting they do. The last thing I have any interest in is selling anything at these and I would ask anyone attending to maintain the same mindset. I want a congregation of minds, not business. I want to build a small community of people near LA, or if we do digital across the world that would be interested in the science of more than cubes.


I really hope one long time member of this forum and GLG, whom I have a massive amount of respect for, shitting on my idea does not tank this post.

Yes, the idea has been executed poorly lately and it has been very disappointing to see. But again, I don’t want the Coachella of mushrooms. I want to talk gourmet and medicinal mushrooms with like minded people and to build a sub community in this forum. I don’t care how we do it. I barely have friends out here and none of the ones I do have, have any interest or knowledge of mycology.

WillyBillyTek and their experience on this forum and skills in chemistry have no hate from me though. They made some really great points. I truly love what they are capable of and have done for cannabis


Excuse me? How is he shitting on it for stating facts?

I personally attended one of those myself and nothing he said was out of pocket or incorrect. There was a lot of sketchy people tripping way too hard like it was their first time near mushrooms. That alone to me was a reason to avoid it and I love the fuckers, myself.

Maybe a site like shroomery would be a bit more what you’re looking for to build this community? You’re looking for red at a blue store really here.


I would love to set something up like that in AZ.
Especially gourmet and medicinals.
I think we would have a huge turnout.

Maybe not so much a scientific conference initially, but rather an educational experience for folks interested in cooking or alternative treatments.


All of this, Yes! We’re planning a big mushroom event in Oregon/Washington in August. Great group putting it together.

To Op’s point, small, regional meet ups are the way to go. I’m in NorCal.


I didn’t take Bill’s comments as disparaging your thread. Quite to the contrary, I think he’s making your point. Small, local, free participation events would be nice. And, this during is WIDE open for fungus threads of all kinds.


I participate in hella boujie private events like this in LA with bunch of canna industry folks, feel free to DM if your cool, (if your on here your prob good) breathwork, sound baths, documentary screenings, good vibes, food, etc. mostly no chads, no drunks, def no macro dosin or tomfoolery tolerated…


You just described me 80% of the time. The other 20% is all macrodosing and tomfoolery. It’s the Pareto Principle, it’s science, can’t fight it.


Yeah you legit gotta announce no macro dosin at these things until people understand milligrams, (I don’t even really yet) especially with these damn mad scientists making concentrates lol


How do I get on the list?


I would be down to attend something in SoCal



Where that going to be?

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Im about to order some spores for my first grow. Would be fun to trip with others.

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Ask Cassandra! Somewhere in the PNW, I believe

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I’ve been experimenting with morel grows. Last time I tripped I ran about a mile home bare foot and shirtless in like 14" of snow and when I got home my face was melting. Not fun.


I think there are opportunities for more professional mushroom conventions and they will get better overtime. I attended Cannadelic Miami and was very impressed with how well organized the Expo and Seminars were. I have no idea who the people are who produced the whole event, but Kudos to them! The expo was free and it was only $50 for two days of seminars with very diverse panels!!

Now compare that to some of the smaller events that charged 4x as much for a ticket with less content. Geez.

I think the mushroom/psychedelic side of things will continue to evolve. It will be taken more seriously when scientific organizations start attending conferences, or when those organizations have psychedelic seminars/posters etc as part of their conferences. Think of the crossover that has been experienced with cannabis science and the American Chemical Society (ACS). I feel like ACS has embraced canna science and its benefited everyone.


Because I am not talking about doing what those people were talking about. I am talking about doing something educational. Just as I believe this forum was set up. Shroomery is great but most them are interested in cubes and as you said tripping. I’m interesting in helping people, healing people, and building a sustainable world