99.99% THCa/THC Diamonds via recrystallization


Cool, what solvent did you use to recrystallize and did you do it in that grammer jar which appears to have mother solution in it? Is the first pic from your initial crystallization?

I am No hater and god knows i Wich You Well
But i find iT hard to believe You hit 99.99%
On first cristalization
Unless You redisoved crystals in solvent cleaned the solution and recristelized
Maybe yust Maybe i believe one can hit 99.99%
But hè You defenatly. Made Some good diamonds so :ok_hand::+1:


He definitely said via recrystallization in header but I’m interested in the process too do tell please sir @Limited-Edition-Farm

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Nothing fancy. Just recrystallization via pentane. The terpenes (short chain hydrocarbons) aren’t key to recrystallization, but for initial crystallizing they are key. Pour off the terps, redissolve THCa In pentane, and slowly evaporate under slight heat (97 f). Diamond miners work much better for purity and larger facets as it allows higher pressure, in between gassing off (every 24 hrs).



Is some the terps clear? Like water clear or that the jar fooling me

Did you by chance have them tested for residual solvent? Good job nice stones!!

Yes good stuff my dude thank you for sharing @Limited-Edition-Farm


For those looking for no hassle purchase of small quantities of of pentane, Consolidated Chemical & Solvents has 4oz bottles available from their site and via Amazon. Here’s their site:

Right Price Chemicals is also no hassle, all you need is a street address, and a credit card or PayPal account:

For larger quantities I’d check with the vendors here at Future4200.


I didn’t. And in this instance I didn’t need too as they came back 99.99%. There is no room for residual solvents. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have had it done as I couldn’t have predicted they would be flawless diamonds before seeing the labs come back.

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Anytime man. Stay high :slight_smile:

Some of the terps are close to water clarity. Clearly there were 2 different types of heavily occurring terps in this batch. This is them separating after a few days of sitting. Not super common but does occur occasionally, usually the mixture of terpenes stays one in the same.


product looks hella nice. I always get a chuckle out of 99.99 claims tho.

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Damn… That’s cheap. Any idea what the difference is between the reagent grade and lab grade? I’m guessing purity, but not sure by how much. Though with the marginal price difference, I might just go with the reagent anyway.

Right Price Chemicals dropped their prices on reagent grade (ACS) and lab grade pentane since I ordered a four liter jug of HPLC grade from them. The lab grade should be just fine, but I’d go with the reagent grade (ACS) at this time.

How it works, you place your order online using PayPal or a credit card, they send you a order confirmation, and you wait, don’t worry within about two weeks they’ll process the order, hit your payment method, and have the package on your doorstep in a few days. Here’s how and what they sent me,

They also have isopentane for those interested. I have so many awesome solvents, and no time left to experiment with them, I’m still hoping someone in SoCal will take them off my hands before the first of the year, and maybe offer me a part time job in their lab.

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How long did the recrystalization take ? What was the solvent /thca ratio to achieve the right saturation ?

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suspect testing

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its a certified independent lab that tests half the states stuff. You think they put false numbers on only my extracts? lol the name of the lab is right on those labs I posted. Give em a ring

What was your ratio of pentane to diamonds for recrx

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