9 Beta OH HHC

Anybody hear about this or see it available? I’ve had one sample sent to me but it turned out to be D8.

Funny thing was that when i looked at the COA that was provided with the sample the notes on the bottom said the sample submitted to the lab was dissolved in methanol leading me to believe a testing standard was submitted in order to get a COA showing a result of pure 9Beta OH HHC.

Is a byproduct of the hydrogenation process with 1/10th the potancy of D9 (weaker then D8 probly closest to D10) exsiting in two enantiomers 9a and 9b the latter showing almost no potancy :+1:


Is this the same one you looked?

We are happy to test it, but I don’t think it exists in commercial quantities except in the form of a methanol reference standard.

Someone prove me wrong. I’m fielding half a dozen phone calls a day about it this week.


Unfortuently They can’t because it’s not realistic to manufacture this compound, it’s a metabolite of HHC much like 11 hydroxy THC


Samples labeled 9B-OH-HHC always end up testing as D8-THC. I mentioned in the past that lots of HHC ends up being D8, I think this is what was being sold and misrepresented.


thats The HHC rabbit hole, and looks like the next big hurdle for the industry


Bunch of samples coming your way! Curious to see what comes up. Im betting D8, "normal " HHC, and / or :poop: soup.

I wish there were some physical properties that made it easy to distinguish some of this stuff

I’d like to play around with expanding the pigment tracker to check uv absorbance and IR


Until we test a sample of it I’m going to say it does not exist.

They elute late on our method:


when the dust settles, I hope you all are the ones helping dictate the analytics. By far the best facility I’ve ever worked with.

While we’re at it…have you ever seen 9-b-Cl HHC or 9-a-Cl HHC? Anyone out there producing the chlorinated intermediate for the dehalogenated catalysis of d8 → d9 at a high enough purity?

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9-OH-HHC is late elution, what exactly does that mean? That it is difficult to extraction and this much in a large volume separately from 9S and 9R-HHC, right?

There is intentional production of 9b OH HHC out there, and it seems to be nominally sedative. Its a simple, sleak reaction, however it seems to breakdown quickly back to D8 in solution, mostly.

Straight BS :expressionless:


I DMed him if thats the case why doesn’t the standard convert in solution? No response.

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Its not but if youre gonna be a dick then i couldnt care less about what you think

Good because I have absolutely nothing for a fruad like yourself :ok_hand:

Your HHC byproduct metobolite is reverting back to the pre hydrogenated precursor while still in solution :joy::rofl::joy::+1::roll_eyes:

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No part of the 9b oh hhc synth requires hydrogenation but whatever dude, enjoy always being right all the time

Do you know of any papers you can drop for those of us looking to learn more?