85%+ CBD Distillate that is not re-crystallizing??

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Just met with a potential client of ours and he brought a couple CBD distillate cartridges with him and a COA that said the distillate was 89%CBD. As we all know, anything over even 60% CBD usually runs into some re-crystallization issues, especially in cartridges…
However, this particular distillate had not crystallized at all. It was very viscous, looked almost like THC distillate to be honest.
Has someone found out a way to prevent CBD distillate from re-crystallizing? No idea how the hell you would achieve that, but unless this COA is complete bullshit, it looks like this guy or someone he knows has it figured out. He claimed they were doing something in their post-processing techniques that was preventing the re-crystallization and that they had let carts sit our for months and there was no re-crystallization.
Right now, I am thinking about taking the distillate from the cartridges and sending it into a lab for testing to get a reliable COA…
I will attach a photo of the cartridge so everyone can see it. Appreciate any advice/info in advance!


its the additives used in the carts


From what I’ve been told you can create crystal resistant CBD by modifying the PH prior to distillation (I dont remember if it was an acidic or akaline swing you want), you can also use triethyl citrate to help slow the crystallization process. From my knowledge the only way to make cbd that wont crystallize over time is to recarb it and make it CBD-A (I only know of 1 person who can do this), the other 2 methods slow the crystallization process but can never fully prevent it.


There are no additives, that’s the whole point my friend.
I understand diluting the concentration will help with crystallization but this didn’t even have terps added…

Thank you!! This is hugely helpful. I am going to look into this some more :raised_hands:

what is the viscosity of those “terpless carts”


I don’t have a specific viscosity but like I said, I would compare it to THC distillate… It’s very viscous… It doesn’t move/flow at all unless you heat it up.

And they have others with terps added… Just the ones he left me were unflavored… “Nothing added.”

Pure distillate wont start flowing until it is VERY hot. Triethyl citrate when used in low amounts does not impact taste much. When 1-2% with 8-9% caprillic acid it barely moves, adds no taste and stops crystallization.


Ok, thank you! I am going to dive into some research on Triethyl citrate and caprillic acid for this application… So the idea is to swing the pH to be more acidic before distillation?

Fucking with the ph before distillation, you will get THC. You will then need to toss the extract or risk getting raided.

Not true, you can modify the ph without causing isomerization.

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You can, but there are risks to that:

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Like I said, IF you do it right you can get no isomerization. I’m pretty sure @Deleted knows how to do it, hes the one who told me about it. I dont think he uses acid though and he isnt putting something in the flask. Neutral bentonite clay causes isomerization, and it’s not acidic or alkaline so acid isnt the only thing that causes it. You can use magnesium oxide to get isomerization too.

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So this might very well change the way I was going to filter my upcoming hemp extract using this instead of celite… Not to derail this thread, but could you elaborate on that?


It happens when the clay is in the boiling flask during distillation. Filtering with it won’t cause isomerization.


Your good as a filter aid, if you put it in the flask that’s when you’ll have isomerization.


The picture you sent it looks unused. After heating the cart and using it, did the cart start to crystalize?


Yeah when I took the pic it was unused. I have since used about half of it and still not a bit of crystallization… I have talked to the the guys who gave it to me a bit and all he could really tell me was that the something was done to the winterized crude, and that it was actually NOT distilled. He said the oil was like a slab of shatter, just much less stable.
??? Sorry if this makes no sense, but I am just relaying what he was telling me. He was not one of the guys who actually makes it, but he is an investor for them. So he isn’t 100% sure what they do.

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Something like this? Jar on the right is CBD distillate from the jar on the left.