85%+ CBD Distillate that is not re-crystallizing??



The oil does look like that yes. It’s clarity is just like distillate. I mean I am looking at only a small sample (half g cartridge), but the color and clarity are just like that jar on the right. He said it wasn’t distilled tho… The oil in the cartridge. And it was 89% CBD, uncut, and would not re-crystallize in the cart. And so far, it hasn’t. I am tempted to take the oil out and send it for a test.


I usually heat using a slow cooker so its easy to work with. I was a bit rushed and heated with boiling water and it didn’t re crystallize


What’s the cbd concentration? I mean any distillate I have seen over 60% cbd has eventually re crystallized.
This was allegedly 89% cbd… and it has been heated and cooled several times and still no crystallization. Also, he claimed there was no distillation in the process…


Are you sure it isn’t CBDa? That won’t crystalize and it makes sense if it is winterized crude. Idk though…


Until you test it your self to confirm the potency it’s very difficul to confirm the truth. Do you know how many people talk about distillate being 90% in carts lol. Let’s see some results


Very true. I think I should probably just test it and see what’s really in it.


It very possibly could be! Didn’t even consider that :thinking:
I think I’m just gonna get it tested. I think that’s my best bet. A potency test should tell me that.


Wondering if you got it tested ever?


I have not… This has kinda fallen off my plate to be honest… Had some other more pertinent things come up since this and haven’t gotten around to it.


I just put some CBD into cartridges(Liberty V9) and about half(500) of the carts crystallized. Only added cannabis derived terps(Diablo OG) for flavor and we don’t know why it only crystallized half. The carts sat for maybe 30mins before noticeable crystallization happened. The carts that crystallized still work with no issues… strange🤔


Yeah, if you just added terps to your CBD isolate/distillate, it is probably still too concentrated. Pretty much anything over 60% CBD is going to re-crystallize… Which is why my original post was so puzzling to me… The guy was claiming 89% CBD with zero re-crystallizaiton…


2 possible reasons why it’s not crystallizing:

  1. It wasn’t decarbed properly

  2. It wasn’t dewaxed properly, and the fat macro-molecules are interfering with nucleation.


So it may be cbda then, you’re saying? Heard that a couple times now… Could they purposefully be “re-carbing” to prevent crystallization? Is that a thing?

If it was an insufficient de-wax, could the oil still be as clear as it is in those pics? I would think if it was fats/lipids would be evident/visible in the oil…


It could be one or the other. Maybe try to get a potency test on the distillate. If there is no CBDa, then I’m guessing it wasn’t dewaxed or cleaned up properly. Even a bit of undetectable fats can really interfere.

Winterize a small sample of your distillate and see for yourself.

It could also just be another macro molecule fucking it up.


Cool, thanks for the info!
I am gonna have to just go test the stuff before I go any further. :+1:


Also about “re-carbing”,
I doubt that’s what they’re doing. I don’t think vape pens go hot enough to decarb.

You can smoke weed and the conbustion will decarb your THCa to THC, but as far as i know, it doesn’t work with vape pens.

I have heard of some people carboxilating, but it’s a difficult process.


I suppose I could be wrong, but, the vaporization temp of THC by nature must be higher than the decarb temperature.

Gonna go check Google.

Edit: Yeah, pens can go as high as 450F. Decarb starts around 250F.


I think that vaporization does decarb, but definitely not enough to fully achieve it.


I’m not going to argue with you, but, you can’t vaporize THCA. It decarbs to THC, which is what then vaporizes. This is why you can’t distill acidic cannabinoids.

Edit: Whoops ^^^ seems I’m wrong here.


Well the distillate I’ve made that was ~25% CBDa begs to differ.