85%+ CBD Distillate that is not re-crystallizing??



The oil does look like that yes. It’s clarity is just like distillate. I mean I am looking at only a small sample (half g cartridge), but the color and clarity are just like that jar on the right. He said it wasn’t distilled tho… The oil in the cartridge. And it was 89% CBD, uncut, and would not re-crystallize in the cart. And so far, it hasn’t. I am tempted to take the oil out and send it for a test.


I usually heat using a slow cooker so its easy to work with. I was a bit rushed and heated with boiling water and it didn’t re crystallize


What’s the cbd concentration? I mean any distillate I have seen over 60% cbd has eventually re crystallized.
This was allegedly 89% cbd… and it has been heated and cooled several times and still no crystallization. Also, he claimed there was no distillation in the process…


Are you sure it isn’t CBDa? That won’t crystalize and it makes sense if it is winterized crude. Idk though…


Until you test it your self to confirm the potency it’s very difficul to confirm the truth. Do you know how many people talk about distillate being 90% in carts lol. Let’s see some results


Very true. I think I should probably just test it and see what’s really in it.


It very possibly could be! Didn’t even consider that :thinking:
I think I’m just gonna get it tested. I think that’s my best bet. A potency test should tell me that.