72 Liter Short Path

Got a sexy new toy in our lab here in MA last Friday.

72L vacuum distillation setup.

Takes in up to 50kg of crude at a time and spits out 4kg to 8kg of distillate per hour.

This is the first production model of its kind. (There is an R&D model in Oregon)

1oz bottle next to the mantle for scale

72L flask with 200mm opening reduces to an 130mm distillation head. Polyscience heater/chiller so we can Terp strip. All on one 50A plug. 5L collection flask with a 2L overflow flask for when you close off the cow adapter. Everything is controlled from a control box with easy access for swaps. Heat stripping as well to keep everything warm.

Fun setup. Will be doing a professional video of it running.


A single edwards 28 can handle that beast?!?!


That’s what I was thinking!
Where’s the diesel vacuum pump


That’s a big no


Id even want bigger than kf25 for that size

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cool toy, but why not just get a wiper? :laughing:


Yes it can.

Amperage constraints


It’s a big yes. I mean, wouldn’t cheap out a few grand considering the ticket.

Two heating zones on the mantle, it all comes over. The R&D unit has been running for 6+ months without issue. Same pump.

lmao sure, but that system aint running well off a tiny pump.

large scale batch distillation is inferior to continuous distillation. ive ran some large 100+L stainless shortpaths and they suck, at some point at that scale you will begin to thermally degrade your material mid way through the run.

still cool, just much better options out there imo


Who made this monsterous tool. China or you have it made here??

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I mean, results are all that really matters, no?

Should be noted we produce almost exclusively isolates for a defined purpose.


Everything was sourced and built in the USA right here in MA by a chemist/engineer and distillation expert.

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what was the price tag on it if you dont mind me asking?

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I believe the MSRP will be $65k


I’d hate to be the tech that breaks a piece of this glass. :fearful::scream::fearful::scream:


The distillation head is the most expensive piece. A large portion of the glass is produced in state by a close associate. So we can get quick fixes.

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How long do runs of that size take with just 1 e28 on there?

5kg - 8kg per hour so roughly 4-5 hours

throw a diff pump on there, watch that rate increase drastically