66.7% CBD Crude and 17% CBD Flower for sale. Single or multiple Kilos available. 500-600 pounds of flower

For sale is winterized CBD Crude. COA attached. Can ship single Kilos today if you need them. Also for sale is CBD Flower testing 17%+ CBD. 500-600 pounds ready to ship and will deliver. DM or leave your email address below.


Hey I’m interested in Cbd flower. Can you email me prices and strain info? Not looking for biomass though.


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CBD CRUDE FOR SALE. $1,800 per KG. Single Kilo purchase allowed.


Winterized cbd crude?

Correct. Crude is winterized.


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We also have 450 pounds of 18% CBD Biomass and 2500 pounds of 9% biomass.

Where are you guys located ? I’d grab 2-4 liters to try out if that ok

We are located in Colorado. I sent you a PM. I can send over an official invoice. Thanks


I paid for 2L a week ago, and havent heard anything since…

I bought a small amount of their disty a few weeks ago. Very communicative until I paid, then basically dropped off. Told me they would ship a day after I paid. In reality they shipped about 11 days later. Product was very good overall, but I was getting pretty antsy waiting around without hearing much.

You should get yours though. They’re legit. Keep us posted.

Same, responded everyday day of until i paid. Then nothing for a week. Posting on here, triggered him to respond to me.
now im having second thoughts, ill get mine tested when i recieve it and let u guys know

Email me ill take some


Been two weeks now. Just makes excuses about not sending it. Supposedly sending by this week or giving a 110% refund.
This is not the way you do business, its bullshit. I would have had the Crude distilled and isolated by now.
Now I’ve gotta find overpriced iso to fill my orders and I’ll still be late.
If u order from this dude, dont expect to get it right away(like he states), that’s a lie, he goes quiet until you start messaging him enough, then delays more.


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I think I got your reply confused with somebody else’s. We also have crude available if you are interested.

If you need any of that crude processed to disty give me a shout. We don’t invoice until the product is ready and you pay upon delivery. We don’t have a lot of volume but we’re honest about our humble capabilities.


Dont order from this dude. Still havent recieced a refund, and he said the refund was gonna be sent by yesterday.

@Future you might want to look into this