5L Full Bore SPD? Input Appreciated


Here’s my thought:

Goldleaf scientific mantle/stirrer & 5L boiling flask

Goldleaf packable distillation head and condenser

here’s where my design gets a little different (and maybe wrong) and would like some input…

instead of a cow after the condenser, I’ll put this:

I don’t want to have to break any vacuum to switch out receiving flasks, so then a cow like this I’d place on the port facing down and probably support each flask with a lab stand to help fight gravity a little better:

on the right port configured as follows:

With gauge, cold trap or two, and then le vacuum pump. Any thoughts appreciated! This is a great community! Just trying to cut down on using any gl connections and potential vacuum leaks.



Have Rocco make you one with the angle ro fit the head, or just get one of his heads im sure there cheaper

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1 dont buy rocco his glass sucks and he fights you on returns.
2 get a full bore hardline system, don’t get something with a triple cow youre going to replace it.
3 get a bigger head, and a cup design. Id get a 34 45 atleast. The bigger the bore the faster the run.
4 get 1 big recieving flask and youll never have to switch it. I have a 12 liter for my 22. Id get atleast a 3 liter for yours


It the first rodavis joint before your first cold trap a cold finger of sorts? Is it also hooked to a chiller? Ive never used lab society, ive always had good experiences with rocco. Who are some other good glass manufacturers for just flasks and such?

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Yes its a cold finger kinda like summits laminar but different. Its hooked up to a 10 liter chiller. Vacuum dynamics has some nice glass, im pretty sure they have the big boy flasks too

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Ya i like some stuff from vac dynamics, moving so it’ll all be broke down by the end of the month. So putting together a list of changes im gonna do . Is rhat what you have tbat lil chiller tou posted hooked up to


The isolation valve will allow you to switch flasks without breaking vacuum in the boiling flask and head, where it matters most, so the cow wouldn’t be necessary. Also it would be nice to get the heads right out of the system so they aren’t off-gassing and mixing with the other fractions.

The swing down receiving flask like @Kingofthekush420 posted seems like the best option, but requires a more advanced technique. I believe he is running a hot condenser so a lot of the heads don’t condense until they get to the traps, and he can swing down the receiving flask once the main body starts.

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Yep. Its such a beast little chiller its a 10 liter that goes to -10 and only uses 300 watts of power. It was like 750 shipped here from china im pretty sure, check my IG i put the price on there in the post


I literally blow all the terps passed and it drips like water off the cold finger.


Did tou bet it from lanpan or however its spelled


I wish I would have picked up one of these instead of my glass dewar.



Vacuum dynamics all the way! All american made glass


I have 1 of those and 1 of the older one from cema. Both work great, i have all myglass go into a 2l flask that is buried in dry ice and then those to cold traps, just broke it all down and there was nothing in the 3rd and bery lil in the 2nd.


@Kingofthekush420 Sweet pic! I’ll have to do some more research on that bore hardline system, I didn’t realize you could push the heads downstream to the cold traps with a hot condenser… :thinking:

@tare Thanks for the extra explanation I needed that :sweat_smile: I was thinking of using that isolation valve but was worried about the lack of vacuum in a fresh receiving flask. If opening the isolation valve back up doesn’t shock the system too much I might just go that route. If I really wanted to I guess I could pull a vacuum on the new receiving flasks with a separate pump if i really wanted to do the most.

@coppertop Oooh those do look nice, I wonder if they perform much better than the glass dewars…


They deffinatly look good and using Ln2 then makes sense not beeing. Afraid the glass cracks deu to thermal shock :grinning:

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I usually see them used in pairs to replace the glass trap. I wonder if one would be sufficient to replace a 1L glass trap? Already looking for upgrades for when I move up to a 5L, and what stood out to me on the stainless traps was the ability to submerge the entire trap in a dry ice acetone bath, greatly increasing your condensing surface area.

Also wondering why the hell these isolation adapters are fetching $950… Seems like a green tax to me. Can’t even find a cheap china one (yet).


Vac dynamics quoted me 650 that was a while ago i think there 750 now. Contact rocco i have 75% his glass and never had a problem i rhink i paid 550 for mine.

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I started using the 2l flask as my first cold trap cause it catches all my heads and gunk. I only get condensed vapor in mu dual stainless traps. I have the in bucket so the out side is also surrounded by dry ice, and once i get the -90.c immersion chiller setup at the new spot nothing will get thru. But i cant stress enough of having a roughing pump even a cheap harbour freight preferably rhe sogevac summit sells, i have my leybolds wirh ballast open warming up while running the sogevac until about 160-170 or so


24/40 China but works.


Guess a lot has changed in the month since I was looking for one last. I’ve seen the ones with 2 female adapters work great. I wonder if it would work just as well with a PTFE female adapter to KF25? As in an adapter for the ones with 2 male joints instead of 2 female joints.