55 gal drum in a Subaru Forester

Due to covid I am unable to get solvent in 5 gallon jugs only drums available, so I say why not, however i dont have a truck I’ve got a subaru forester. The literature indicates the door height of the trunk is 34.5 inches while a standard drum is 33.5 inches so it should work. Is this a terrible idea if I secure it well, should i rent a truck?

pay a little extra to have it delivered. or find a new supplier that will deliver it. Not safe at all. imagine if you got in a wreck.


Whats in the drum…

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Maybe hit a car rental service? Usually around $100 per day.

one good one in the rear could end your life… oof.

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Ethanol denatured with heptane

Uhaul is rather cheap too if local enough.


Under any circumstances that could be the case

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if its in the cab with you its way worse of a chance, but your right. unless you dont drive.

tbh i thought the wordplay just sounded funny.

There is a reason why you need a special licence to drive with solvents on your truck!


I was hoping to be low key and was considering a box truck but if I could throw it into the back of the subie that would make it that much easier.

yeah son… can i see your hazmat endorsement for that there barrel?!

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And I dont have it though I can say in all my years driving I’ve never gotten into an accident.

statistically speaking your due for someone to rearend you if youve never been rearended. but i see your point

exactly! I promise any cop that see a drum of solvent in the back of a car will pull you over. also think about 5-600lbs squatting the back of your forester… you will be driving on the bump stops.

I would hope the place selling the drum would turn you away when you asked for help loading a drum up in a car.


I get nervous driving with a 60lb tank of butane and a 32cu tank of nitrogen in my 4 runner lol

The op is letting his nuts hang


Last week we successfully loaded a barrel into a 2016 honda civic. It can be done just gotta make sure you don’t tear the bumper off loading it.


I was told only 300 lb by the vendor, but that seemed a bit light, seems like u haul is the answer. Truth be told I wish I could get 25 gal or so but covid is causing shortages in small volumes.

In the back? On its side? I was advised against transport sideways.

On its side. Didn’t say it’s advisable, just that it can be done.