55 Gal Drum Hand Pump

Got a 55 Gal drum of MCT on the way (tincture time) and need to order a good means to get the oil out. I don’t really want to buy a stand for it to lay down id rather get some sort of hand pump to stick in it. Was looking at this or this one The most important thing is that its safe to use on a food grade product. Didnt know if there was anything you guys could recommend that would be sturdy enough to last and also not take me an hour and a half every time i need a gallon of the stuff.

might be some useful stuff here


awesome thanks i tried searching i swear lol just must have missed the keywords


no worries.

Why do I so often post something along the lines of Search results for 'barrel pump' - Future4200 ?

Usually because I’ve read it, know it’s here somewhere, and have to go search for it.

The URL format is simple enough that I just type the url in. got to admit I have skipped looking at the results on more than one occasion.

This time I had to go look…which is why you got the direct link not the search itself.


haha yeah you know, come to think of it i think i remember reading that thread as well many moons ago! Thanks for your help


Uline makes some good hand pumps for 55 gal drums

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Being mct is not flammable, you should be able to get away with using a non-metal pump, and no grounding.

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My choice would be a stainless steel hand pump if you are going for a budget option.


neither of those pumps you linked to are listed as food grade. when I added “food grade” to your query, there was really only one option that came up.


There is one of those in the last 55gal drum of MCT I interacted with, and they seemed pretty solid in the ethanol barrel I’ve accessed with one. I didn’t make either purchase, but they seem like a reasonable solution.

I’ve usually made do with pulling a vacuum on my target vessel. because it could be achieved with parts on hand. for $0.

:mage: Go get me something for nothing.

What you putting in there after we pull a vacuum boss?

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Find a fuel supplier that’s local, we have rennet fuel around here that’s where I got mine from.

food grade?

Co2 beverage lines should be good grade

As far as the food grade stipulation it would just need to be made out of a materiel that wont rust or leech any flavors and is easily cleanable. I think stainless should be fine. I would love to use my pump but its a dedicated pump for my ethanol barrels and the last thing i need to do is start mixing those up haha