5000mg Tinctures f/s

We are currently producing 2 x 5000mg Tinctures under our two brands, Gem Hemp and Sweet Cheeks. The Gem Hemp Tincture is a full spectrum tincture that is made with full spectrum distillate and enhanced with isolate to keep it compliant. We use organic MCT oil to emsulify and rosemary extract as a preservative to increase shelf life. The Sweet Cheeks Tangerine tincture is 5000mg of Isolate in organic MCT oil with the same preservative, but we add some flavoring with tangerine oil.

I’m looking to place these tinctures in your B & M stores and Online Shops, we will also white label a tincture for you with whatever specs you would like, with very reasonable MOQ’s. We can add GS1 barcodes, I have an in house designer who isn’t the fastest but he gets it done.

Anyways, wholesale price is $30…MOQ 24 units


5000mg?! Bravo sir!


Agreed with @FicklePickle. 5000mg tinctures should be applauded!

I personally would avoid “hemp oil” on the label.

That appellation has been ruined by 0mg hemp seed oil tinctures imo


Right? Cbd is so cheap. To see tinctures sell for so much that have so little medicine in them seems wrong. This is some super high potency medicine. The way it should be.


We also sell these tinctures retail on our website, gemhemp.com they are BOGO this month with a retail price of $100 so, $50 each if anyone wants to try them out.


Good stuff! Making CBD that people can actually afford is a good move.


Damn man this will definitely be a product you can feel:

Figure 1ml of MCT and CBD Distillate has a density of ~1g/ml for simplicity sake.

1mlMCT = 1g = 1000mg

0.3% THC by weight would be 3mg THC / ml of tincture

That means the whole bottle contains ~90mg of D9 THC. That’s pretty much just as much THC as a regular pack of THC gummies.

It’s pretty funny how the laws were written by guys who don’t know how analytical chemistry and don’t realize that people on the hemp side can get people high in non-legal States with every product except vapes by Just doing a little analytical chemistry trickery. :woman_shrugging:


His gummies are also top notch. Big fan of this slanger. Really down to earth and cool peep too.


I don’t understand your comment.

Are you dealing with a bottle with only thc and mct inside but no cbd ?

At 0.3% THC by weight, a standard 1 oz. tincture (~30g but a little under) has about 90 mg of THC and is still technically compliant.


If it is a cbd tincture, it wont make people high.
If there is no cbd, then it have to be produced from a thc concentrate… which hemp people can’t do.

The people would have to drink it straight 30ml… it is a not that pleasant. :grimacing:

You can 100% get high from a hemp derived CBD tincture.

Source: I ate straight hemp distillate once and was ridiculously stoned for like 6 hours.


All I vision is a granny chugging it like a shot lmao


I heard such thing, or other strange reaction, from only few peopte, generally thc naïve or former users… But wouldn’t it be like a placebo effect, sort of enhanced by the physically relaxing effect of cbd ?

Some other people would report that they feel nothing. When the market of tincture and smokable hemp product started in Switzerland my partner went several meetings with local politics and authorities. It was quite new to everyone around those tables… one time, a sort of police big chief was asking around what those products are suppose to do. He was claiming that it does nothing, said he bought a 10% bottle and drank it straight to see, and that the effect was moot to him… :rofl:

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I have smoked weed/dabbed almost every day for almost ten years now lol so I’m definitely not new to THC.

But if I consume 50-100mg THC, regardless of the source, wouldn’t you expect that to be psychoactive? I haven’t found CBD to modulate the high very much, anecdotally people say it makes you less high but I haven’t experienced that personally.

Eat a gram of 3% THC hemp distillate and let me know how you feel :grinning:


Well I find that what you describe is curious… :thinking:
I would not expect THC to be necessarily psychoactive, regardless of the source. I would need to eat at least 3 g of a 3% (to get 90 mg) extract for this experiment. This is a bit too much…

But is this always working with you this way ?
Do you feel the same when you smoke it ? Or is this only happening when ingesting ?

I believe you have the perfect gastric soup, which synthesize d9 from CBD with a high yield. You should share your SOP with us here ! I want the same.


I get high eating 3% CBD distillate all the time. 3 grams definitely gets me there. You put it in a capsule. Swallow 4-5 capsules and wahla!


Yep I remember the day we did that math…we were like “wait that can’t be right” and did it another way lol… like damn! The CBD definitely inhibits the full binding, so it’s more mild, but it’s crazy you can knock back a 1oz shot of CBD tincture you just bought at Discount Larry’s and consume 90mg lol


Thinking that’s a lot of cbd. Anyone have negative side effects from taking 1g cbd at a time ?

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The shits, lol

Hurts my tum tum.

Maybe I’m sensitive :man_shrugging: :laughing:

A little here and there is nice, but I dont want it to mess with my thc too much either.

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