5 year Extraction Operator in SoCal seeking opportunities (Prop 64 exp)

Hello future4200 community! I wanted to reach out to everyone and offer my assistance in anyone’s manufacturing operations. I have great experience in the cannabis industry with a strong mix of acquired professionalism.

My highlights Include:
-5 years hydrocarbon extractions
-1 year management of CA regulated Cannabis Lab
-2 years distillation via spd
-1 year small scale retail-delivery management
-Product development & packaging design
6 years total in cannabis industry

As you can tell my focus is in high production hydrocarbon extractions. I have craft scale fundamentals of distillation, retail operations, ethanol extraction, refinement techniques, CRC, cured+live product SOPs, etc. Along with these trade skills I am office trained as my one year of extraction management was under a biopharma industry adopted COO.

I’m currently located in Southern California in the San Bernardino area and if the right opportunity presented itself, willing to relocate. I’m open to any level positions, as I’m just looking to get my foot in the door and prove myself.

Feel free to DM me on here or on IG @darrenjaydirect For my formal resume.

Thank you for you consideration. :wave:


DM me with resume & salary history, please.

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Thanks for the reply! I DM’d you the requested information.

My name is Tony. I’m in LA. Need extractor

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Type 7? More details please?

Type 7. Paying 200 per sold pound of shatter and crumble

Goal is to do 50 lbs weekly


Resume sent

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It’s illegal to ask for salary history in California


Really? What if you come from out of state.

It’s for the employers, if they are in CA they can’t ask. Was intended to prevent wage gaps.


So pay is based off of you selling it? Thats not right.
Now if its 200 per lb of oil produced…


With a goal of 50 lbs @ $200 each. Type 7 License? Tony is in Real Estate from all I gather. Is a customer base established? Maybe get some pre orders based on the hiring?

That’s 10 racks for 50 lbs processed.

10k a week sounds a little too good to be true


Agreed, that’s goals.

It’s sold the day it’s made. Just a FYI

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so why say “the goal is”? Is that because you may not have enough material to run? that makes it sound like its not a sure thing. I’m just curious not hating.


50lb of concentrate, or of material a week? If it’s 50lbs of material, with an average yield between 7.5-10% we’re actually talking about, at most, 5lbs of concentrate a week. That would only equate to $1k/wk for pay on the high side, but as low as $750/wk.

If we’re talking about 50lbs of concentrate then you’re expecting a person to run a minimum of 500lbs, but up to 666lbs, a week which would be no small undertaking for a single person, but at $10k/wk might be considered reasonable.

I’ve yet to see a hydrocarbon system that realistically produces more then 2-3lbs of concentrate in a 8-12hr shift, considering prep time and everything else that goes into each run, that I believe could be handled by a single person on a regular basis.


I mean if hes blasting indoor it would be closer to 250-300 lbs a week.
I dont agree with the 2 lbs though.
I was lab lead at a type 7 running a 15lb monster.
We ran indoor and would get over 3 lbs a run. Up to 3 times a day. 12 hrs. And that was just using a cmep. Although i always had an assistant. Sometimes 2 if i was lucky.
All im saying is if its a 20lb cls and dank material 50lbs a week is possible (m-f) But itll be slave labor alone


Precisionextraction.com has one that does 40lbs a run.

Thank You for the advice. I’ll be sure not to inquire about this in the future…never heard from prospect.