5 L Spd heating mantle recs?

Looking for a budget friendly 5L heating mantle. Getting the glass together. Any suggestions?

And I think this thing is cool and can handle that workload



Or a non branded summit mantle



I like this one the best. Is there a 110v version?


Got any links for cheap(er) cold traps?
Thanks for the help

GL? Connections

Ya that would probably keep the costs down

What pump are you looking for?



These in tandem would work.

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Use these instead of hoses. It’ll cost a couple bucks to get bellow hoses, but you’ll thank yourself for not using the latter


And this pump is the best bet for the hand you’ve got.

Unless you have an Edward’s 30 up your sleeve


No I have 3 hfs 12 cfm 2 stages and a harbor freight 2 stage

Should I not use the 12 cfm pump I have already?

I have bellow hoses already so that seems like a worthwhile upgrade

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Those might not be powerful enough, honestly. Attach a vac guage straight to the pump and see how low it can get

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What kind of guage? I know they pull -30 on the oven


These are pretty much the standard. You’ll need one of these to run your short path anyway.

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Ouch. Might as well just put that towards a better pump

There’s a few things that you need to get the right parts. If gotta wait a week or two. You should, it can change your life when you are running your equipment.

There’s probably cheaper vac guages, but they aren’t precise enough. And they cost 100 something bucks and you might as well spend a few more.

What size are your bellow hoses? Kf25 or 16


Ya these pumps are only rated to 15 micron according to the site. They are kf25