5 L Spd heating mantle recs?


I need 16 huh lol


I mean. If they could get under 100. Maybe all three in tandem.

That would be funny

How many hoses do you have?


Only 2


You would attach this to the last cold trap gl adapter. Probably good idea to have a clamp holding this because it’s a lot of weight on that glass cold trap to hold. With the vac guage attached to the top of the t. Cold trap on the side. And pump on the bottom.


looks like my whole system on here…

I would suggest emailing usalabs and going with something like this. This guy is a really cool guy to work with. I bought a few things from him and the one thing he can price break on is glassware.

I bought my cold trap from pro glass which is the supplier for the ones @Dred_pirate listed. At the time they had a 250mm which is no longer listed at $68. This is the one piece of all my pieces i kinda regretted after the purchase. Even the 250mm is way undersized. Then i had to buy the stand($35), the cold trap chain clamp(20), the receiving flask(15). That still was only $155 or so. But it was undersized and i kept filling with dry ice…not a problem really but it wasnt the right piece for a 2L.

proglass does sell a bigger one but i dont even know if that is a 1L trap as its only 2" bigger than the one i have

Even with that option $150, plus the 70 in parts to make it work…you could probably talk USAlabs to sell you one for 275 especially if you buy other glass from him. just a thought.

I know someone here that sells the Vacuum Kf25 tee for $10 cheaper than the link you provided. the same with 1000mm kf25 bellow hoses. Hmmmm Just saying…LOL


Care to post a link or tag the seller?


This will help


Keep it posted up, that’s good info


The one you linked is 8 micron which is good. It was just a bit pricey. I’ve bought them for 280 first one and then the dude did. 2x for $500 shipped. When I thought it would be a good idea to own 3. Lol.

After I read the listing, my high ass put 14cfm as 14 micron which is outta spec and would need some work.

I don’t wanna post the link to the guy I buy off of because I’d like to be able to buy more in the future. I don’t want the resellers that linger here buy them all and sell them for $1500 cause it’s a cannabis reseller.


Thanks @Killa12345 & @Dred_pirate I appreciate the information!! Still a ways off from purchasing equipment for myself but it’s good to know a ballpark estimate and what all I would need :grin:


You can get a cps gauge rhat will shiw microns and there abouf 150$. Until tou want to or hve the money to upgrade to a better one. I have a cos a bulleye and a stinger vac gauge. There all fairly acurate but i recalibrate them every six months. Which isnt cheap but well wort it


Test depth of each vac separately but I’ve gotten good results on 2 12cfm 2 stage cps linked parallel. Still think they cant get as deep as the alcatel but it’s always nice to have a volatiles pump to switch to.


Now I am design this style of spd, if success, I will tell u.