4 inch Pope

Wiped film

I am about to buy 4 inch pope wiped film
I was wonder to how hard to dial in this machine ?
What I should expect 1 liter per hour ? Or more ? Or less ?
Right now i running 20 liter rotovap . And couple 5 liter oss spd ,not really impress by speed :slight_smile:
So can pope completely replace both spd ?
As rotovap goes I will replace it with ffe .

Welcome. Have you explored much?

There are a couple of threads discussing WFE Parameters that you might want to read

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Yep I did read them
I just got offer from Chinese companie $14 k for stainless steel wfe ,4 inch . But considering my previous experience with china made rotovap and spd ,with all leaks I got deal with ,I am count of scared to buy it ,china unit . So I can get 4 inch pope around 26k ,china stainless for 14k plus shipping. Cant decide :frowning:

$26k? Is that with the pointy hat and all the other fancy stuff?

I recall at least 3x that for the 4” quote that came across my desk.



Pope comes as bare unit I have to provide all pumps ,heaters ,I do have it in my lab anyway
Chinese will come with everything pumps ,heaters
But like said Chinese cheap, but I had bunch of problems with spd and rotovap ,so I am debating
I never run wfe before
My plan was use ffe to run crude oil then use crude oil in wfe . I am cannabis processor.
As ffe goes I am 80% done with build out,just waiting on couple parts to arrive .

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Well brother that’s what we deal with when we dablle with the cheaper Chinese units. Ive broken and imploded my fair share or China glass. There are people on the boards using Chinese wfe with luck but they will require tinkering and possibly mods to get them functioning efficiently.

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Here are a few pics of a 4" Pope 316 SS. Really nice construction, durable and definite quality.
It’s a bare bones unit that I will do some of my own mods and add all the goodies in house.
I am a picky person and wouldn’t buy anything that I can’t build better than myself.


Spoke to my friend who in extraction service, been doing for years. I told him I am ready to buy pope ,funny he said dont even touch it . He said they had older model ,and it was very finicky always something was broken . Now I dont even know what to do. I am trying to get bare unit and make it work under 50k is my budget for wiped film
Staggy this unit looks nice ,.Did u run it yet ?

Damn it but I’m a sucker for shiny things…

Thank you for the pics, I’ve often wondered what was going on in there :wink:

I’m guessing you’ve got hands on experience in the difference in throughput of the glass and stainless models.

Any chance you can give those of us following along a feel for the pros and cons of stainless vs glass when purchasing a WFE?


This unit is idle right now and awaiting to be set up. I am running a 2" glass Pope and moderately happy with the results, I do find the 2" glass Pope finicky when running but some are material issues but find it mechanically sound. I’m not a hard core Chemistry Guy but more a Process Guy and do a lot of work in process scale up, really want a system that is bullet proof. I have also recently bought a small BR Spinning Band to do some trails and comparisons, most of the work I’m doing is experimental so time will tell. I do a lot custom building of systems (R an D, 30 years)
and will probably start with of the shelf and modify to optimize. Hope this helps, any other questions, glad to help. As for the price, I will have to check the invoice.

Some other things to add, nothing is cheap or perfect in the Chem World as you can see and I run a prototype shop with almost unlimited resources for lab and pilot plant scale up designs. I am blessed and have worked hard to be multi talented in all trades to fabricate just about anything Chem related, so all seems easy to me, 30 years of failure and observation.
Ask a lot of questions!


What you think as spinning band vs pope ? Pros and cons?
And can u tell me ball park price for stainless steel pope and spinning band ?
You can send me in PM, if u want.

I’ll let everyone know how our WFE works when its going. I bought the one from Deutsche. claiming to do 60L /hour


Nice set up

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What’s the ticket for this setup

Not sure what the ticket price is. We ran some pretty nasty crude through it and made some awesome crude. first run was about 10l output an hour


not sure what the price tag is now probably around 300k

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