3.0ml vape pen will be a new trend in Cannabis Market ?

I‘ve noticed some vape players have launched 3.0ml disposable vape pod device/ vape pen, will it be a new trend in Cannabis Market? Is it hot-selling on the market now? I think it’s mainly selling for Delta 8 Oil in Black market. What do you think?

No. 3ml pens will never be a new trend. Thank you


3ml is cool but my boy has 4ml for the same price :man_shrugging:


I can get 6ml for a few cents more


I prefer to carry around a CamelBak full of disty


Ok legitimate question tho :raising_hand_man:t2:

Has anyone seen any interest in the 2.0mls???

The only interest I’ve personally seen in 2mL+carts have been from the peddlers trying to sell them. “HOT SELL”, “New standard for vape black market oil”, “Demand of 2mL is rapidly rising”, “NO BURN” etc.

They don’t seem to get that more does not necessarily mean better — It’s hilarious to me seeing them trying to shill an idea that literally doesn’t work.


We actually bought the 2ml disposables pens not the carts. I can’t justify a 2ml cart

we own 10+ vape shop location, our 2ml dispos are selling twice as much as 1ml ones… Anything above 2ml I noticed having coil and cloging issues.

carts its 50/50 split between 2ml and 1ml.

Edibles we sell anywhere between 10mg up to 250mg per gummy and they all sell.
Hope this Helps/


mo Can you recommend a brand 2ml disposables hardware?

Are you interested in trying BBTANK 2ml? Please check my DM

For those big capacity disposable, it’s necessary to add a preheat function to solve clogging issues

Pretty sure I saw this same thread posted a few months ago with 2ml instead of 3ml and the overwhelming majority said no to 2 mL. In October I bet a 4 mL thread will popup


Don’t worry, a 3ml 20 watt disposable will sell like crazy

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I’m waiting for the new disposable 20ml tank with 200 watts of power. It’ll only be like $400 retail. Everyone will be clamoring for a $400 disposable.


510 Atomizer with a luer lock I can hook up to a 10ml syringe


same same

I’m testing out few, newest one gonna be made by @FatAss hes sending me samples soon.

Also idk who makes their device but Kik Full spectrum 2000mg dispo is such awesome device that I wish I knew who makes it.

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We chose it at random because all the 2mls performed the same when we were doing r&d