2xz-2 vac pump microns


Looking at a pump from @BromaW-Manager, our resident Chinese manufacturer. He said it’s rated down to -0.098Mpa. Can someone tell me what micron that is? I’d appreciate it!


chances are the all knowing one has a converter…


edit: it does, but kyles does Mpa and microns, while the all knowing one only offers Pascals and Torr

both say that’s not much suck.


According to the converter (which i saw earlier but was still confused) says it is -735060.27 microns. Our goal is below 8 microns. That would mean that it is in deeper vac them 8 microns, no?


You posted a negative number that if positive would represent about what standard room pressure is. For vacuum the micron value cannot reach a negative number because pressure at perfect vacuum is zero. The neative number posted is not a usable number.


The pump in question is the 2xz-2


The discription on Alibaba for the 2xz-2 says 1.33 pa which equates to 9.98 micron

Another says .06 pa which equates to .45 micron


There is probably a reason you dont see a lot of people with these. They are probably not sufficient for how we abuse these pumps. Dont you think companies like USAlabs, OSS, BVV, and Xtractor Depot have all tired these pumps as they all import goods from China already. I can imagine if these were viable options for us…You would see companies that offer Chinese extraction equipment already…Selling these pumps. For the most part, they are not.

There are sooo many used vacuum pumps out there people arent looking at that are capable of sub 10 micron. I know @Demontrich just picked up a Leybold Trivac Locally for $400 that is tested and pulling 5 microns. i know if your patient enough…its easy to find my 2021i under $300 used. There are sooo many options we arent even exploring.

Good luck @Terppin!


Or the like

I’ll have a welch 1400b beand new available soon. I need to fix an oil leak…on a brand new unit. Arg!

I have a welch 1402 available. 3/4hp motor as a spare pump available if your in need. Super cheap, as this forum helped me more in 3 months than I’ve learned (lol) in 3+yes asking questions on grow forums and getting all the wrong info.


I know right?
don’t you just love this place?!?


If future4200 (the website), NOT future himself, I’d put a ring on HER finger.



I have actually seen a few companies selling these for over $1500. One company laxtraction, compares it to an Edwards 30. They claim .45 microns as well http://www.laxtractionsupplycompany.com/vacuum-pumps-c-438_440/rotary-vane-vacuum-pump-lax2xz2-p-3778.html . This was the pump that came with my first 2L spd. My old partner still uses it and puts out beautiful distie even on Chinese glass.
With that being said I found a 2021i on Craigslist for 480. He won’t budge on price.


LAX Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump LAX-2XZ-2
Chemical Duty, 2 Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump perfect for Short path or Rotovaps.
They are compatible in style and operations to the Edwards 30 pumps.

Pump Speed: 2 L/S (7.2 M3/H)
Vacuum pressure (Pa): 0.06
Pump speed (CFM): 4.2
Vacuum pressure (Torr): 0.00045
Sub pressure: ≤6x10-2
Full Pressure: ≤1.33
Speed (R/Min): 1400
Working Voltage (V): 220 / 380
Motor Power (KW): 0.37
Air Inlet Diameter (MM): ɸ30 KF-25
Noise (DBA): 66
Oil Content (L): 0.08
Gross / Net (KG): 22/20
Mounting Dimensions: 19.81" X 5.70" X 10.83"

These are the Stats:

I dont know how a 4.2 CFM pump can be compared to a 21CFM pump…Thats just the first thing i see.

6x10-2 is 60 micron i think…Please anyone can correctly…I just started learning about real vacuum pressures last year.

i really cant see how a chinese pump with these stats can compare to a edwards 28/30, with that said…if your groups is making fire distillate with this…Maybe more people need to take a look at them as alternative pumps too.

pump is about a 1/3 of the weight of a Edwards and about Half the weight of a 2021i


Made on a Chinese mantle, with Chinese glass, with this Chinese pump.
At least 350g maybe more
I don’t mean to talk shit but this is nicer than alot of the shit I see some people with all American equipment make. So I’m not biased as to what country makes what part per say


How much do those other pumps weigh? I wouldn’t want to move a 100 pound pump lol


Idk what 6x10-² is. But I know .06 pa is .45 microns. And 0.00045 torr is 0.44micron


I have used thise pumps they were sent with molecular distilation setups. Never used them then yrs later just out if curiousity i hooked rhem to a gauge and 800 micron is the best i could get, and rhey had said it was more rban adequate to use on the molecular skid. Hende tbey went to rhe trash and rhwy sounded like rhey were gonna blow up. Just my experience


Ya I’m just gonna go with the used 2021i for 480. I may snag one of these as a spare to test. I know our had to have been lower then 800 microns judging the Color and clarity of those pics I posted. Also ours ran quiet. I guess that’s the chance you take going Chinese. So i won’t be disappointed if it ends up being trash.


well them 2021i are 80lbs too so they aint much lighter and yeah the edwards is heavier

I believe you brother and i think our chinese friends make quite fine products. Im fine with all chinese shit…I aint hating…I just dont want to see you blow money when there are proven cheap paths to this vacuum pump problem.


I feel you. Which is also why I’m going w the 2021. I like the fact that rebuild kits are easily accessible


I’m having vac pump envy now. My leybold weighs about 35# at best.