25ml or smaller cart filler


Now that I’ve upped my game a little bit and got a centrifuge, I’m planning on doing more carts.

Problem is I’m slow at this apparently, I do not have steady hands so I gotta take my time, and the syringe cools fast. So I’m lucky if I can fill maybe 2ml of carts before things get difficult.

I’d invest in one of qma’s badass guns, but I’m too small time for the 50ml size. At most I do 25ml at a time, but closer to 20ml realistically. It’s just enough to make me not want to do it manually.

So, what do I do? Can you get a steel bodied syringe and wrap heat tape around it? Any other ideas?


Search google for “repeater syringe”. That will get your to the guns. you could look for one with a large reservoir, and heat wrap that.

But if I were you I’d stick with amazon oral syringes for that size. you should find the tips and tricks that work for you :slight_smile:

I have had a toaster oven at my filling station. I would pre fill the 10ml syringes and then hot hold them in my toaster oven.
Another “tip” is to heat your syringe tip on a hot plate.
I’ve slightly pre heated my cart tanks before filling…

Maybe more ppl have tips for you…

I know @lefties.cannabis does a lot with just a repeater syringe. Maybe he can help ya


That’s easy. Just keep your oil on a hot plate while you do it 1ML at a time with a small 1ml glass syringe. No need to over-complicate it with a heated syringe if you’re only doing 20 carts.


Yeah, I am basically doing this now, like I said, if be lucky for 2ml at a time so I was just down to 1ml.

It’s more like 40 carts sometimes for the half ml, it’s just a pain no matter what.

Thanks for the name of those syringes, I couldn’t think of what those were called.

And a toaster oven is actually something I wanted to get for my little hobby.

The oral syringes, they are ok in the toaster oven? I’m assuming at the lowest setting? I could just find a little 10 or 5ml steel syringe and use that with the toaster oven, then fill away fast as I can.

Finally when everyone was doing small amounts like I am now, what did you do with the syringes you were done with? Can you recycle them? Not gonna lie, throwing em away makes me feel guilty. I try to reduce my waste as much as I reasonably can.

I had the toaster as low as I could get. They seemed to hold up fine. I always wash and reuse my oral syringes with alcohol. Disassembled and soak :+1:

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Thanks for your input man!

I definitely like the toaster oven, I was gonna grab one to decarb my crystals anyway, so I can pull double duty lol.

Way easier than the heat tape too.

I still welcome any more ideas thought! I’m a noob when it comes to this part of things, and other noobs can search my thread lol.

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All glass 10 and 25ml syringes for the small time filler :slight_smile: Plastic syringes have lube and every time I see a white strand come out of the end I want to gag.

If you use glass syringes you have to be careful with heat because they can shatter in your hand if you put too much pressure/heat difference. Also they surprisingly have a decent loss probably around .3, enough to only fill the last cart halfway. I want to get qma’s filler and put the glass syringe on instead of steel resivoir with a luer lock connection to mitigate loss.


Yeah, the end of my fills I stick in a little 1ml syringe and I always see that.

She could be right about the lube, although I’ve never seen any. But you can clean them in alcohol BEFORE use.

Either way glass is probably better!


Maybe one of those repeaters or one with a glass barrel inside a steel sleeve?

Either way, I definitely have a direction to go now!

Nanc is right about the lube. It’s silicone oil. If you take a syringe plunger out fresh from the package it’s a little greasy. They put a drop of lube on the rubber.

Some people are mildly allergic to silicone oil so they do make ones without it you just gotta find the lube-free/rubber-free ones. Easier to just find an all glass one tho


Good to know about the lube!!

Seems like a good cheap option

I got the 25 ml cart filler from bvv for 250 and it works fine once you get used to it though in hindsight I wish I got a unit from qma. The trick with these fillers is to keep everything warm especially the tip I work under a heat lamp and have a preheated stone slab to work on top of. Whatever option you use definitely wash first I use a little drop of terpenes to grease the rubber plunger.


He was going to build a smaller cart farmer than the 50, outta spite haha, but I believe some of the parts became hard to obtain after to coronas came.

Use that and some of those heat resistant gloves for when it’s fresh out of the toaster oven.

I like it!

Are those bvv ones plastic barrels?


I found a auto injector that can do as little as .25ml at a time, and holds 30ml, has a glass barrel and steel body.

Found one one ebay for 30 bucks, new, so we’ll see soon enough if it works.


The 10ml one looked appealing, but was harder to find, and the replacement parts were a little hard to find as well.

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Last night at my apartment I made 10 carts with an oral syringe for friends and family. I decarbed my sugar in the microwave :slight_smile: it only took 3-4 minutes. Muahahah

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