24/7 testing facility in Michigan

Yeah, I know it doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t it be nice if it did? Anybody here in Michigan, NW Indiana, or Chicagoland area have the equipment and knowledge to run tests quicker, on the weekend, while I wait/watch? Waiting a week, or two, or three for results sucks!

Let me hear from those of you I could mail a sample to also. Business doesn’t move at the snails pace these Michigan labs do…

Thanks for any direction or advice.


if you are talking about hemp testing new bloom in tn has a usual 24-48 hr turnaround

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Hemp and isomers

i don’t think they have anything more uncommon isomer wise than delta8

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It would be really nice to find someone with a more complete set of standards than my local labs. One has THCV, the other doesn’t but has CBL. The one is a 2.5hr round trip, the other is an 8hour round trip. Not sure LOCAL is the right term to use…

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I feel you there. I’ve been hassling them to get more standards but it’s seemingly falling on deaf ears

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I have several labs that guarantee a 24 hours turn around time, I believe they are located in Ohio? If you want the info let me know and I will find and get you the specifics

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One claims the state will only allow them to test for certain cannabinoids. Claims they are not allowed to test for THCV. Both have a different set of standards with different cannabinoids. I feel like they are both full of shit. Hence the reason I need a new and better lab.

Yes please and thank you!

yeah its more likely they don’t wanna buy the standards and do the work, as they are all backlogged anyway

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That’s what I think too

I think North Coast Testing is opening a new lab in Adrian, I’ve worked with them in Ohio and they’re super professional. As long as they aren’t running culture plates, they should be back to you within 48 hours. I’m not sure if they’re operational yet but it’s for sure opening in the next couple months if so.

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ACT out of Lansing might be worth a check. I know they are fully operational for hemp in a few border states and last I knew the hemp build out here was almost done. They should have most standards and I was just talking to an employee there about THCV testing and he said they can and do

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Anybody know if one of the labs here in Michigan tests for delta 10?

There’s only one lab advertising it right now and it’s in California. If you can get a sample here you can submit it.

No one else is known to me to have d10 testing up and running currently. I’d expect it will become common this year

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I gotta find a new lab. Paid our local lab for a rushed potency test last Wednesday. Still no results…

If you have a med card or license, hit up
Steadfast labs in hazel park. They may be open.

Steadfast Testing Lab
Mobile (248) 242-2291
21928 John R Hazel Park Mi 48030

I’ll check them out. Other side of the state, but if they’ll turn it over in 2-3days I’ll gladly drive out there.

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You’re probably better off starting your own state licensed lab if you want that kind of turn around. If you think I am joking, I am not.

I don’t need it to be state licensed. I really only need it for r&d and product development. You can’t test your own products here in Michigan anyway. Even if you owned a state licensed grow, processing, testing lab, and dispensaries, you would have to send your products to an independently owned licensed lab to test your product before the secure transporter(you can’t own one of those if you own either of the other 4 licenses)could take it to your dispensaries.

In house analytics is looking more appealing by the day…