2022 hand trimmed CBD flower for sale/trade

Got some small amounts of hemp flower available for sale or trade. Waiting on coas for this batch but it should come back in the mid teens.

Some of the more impressive flower I’ve seen with unique terpenes and a great color.

$350/lb for singles with a price break on multiple. Willing to squirt some d8 on them and price them at $500/lb of that’s your jam

As far as trades go, I’m looking to trade for finished product I.e. tinctures, carts, edibles, etc

Happy to send samples for $20 shipped.


dm please

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Me too


interested too

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Are you willing to squirt my oil on a few elbows…

We can white label small quantities of our products, now that we have inhouse printing…

We only have dog shit flavors available… the cat piss is completely sold-out


Hit me up


Interested. Could you send a DM with the strain info and a COA whenever it clears?

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I do carts, edibles, bho…

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How are you doing my Friend? Shoot me a DM when you get the chance. I appreciate it.

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All paid orders and samples going out right now :call_me_hand:

Thank you guys for your support.


Looks beautiful, been looking for a while. very interested. DM me please:)

  • David
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Well there’s a first, hemp is actually more than deps here. Crazy world


Lol right wtf


Hello would you dm me please, I maybe interested in a couple units

Your telling me that deps are cheaper then 350?

Yep, most are


Bruh what lol that must be bulk price ?

I’m interested in seeing more of this.

Got a lb for my Dad, he received his package quickly and is happy with the product. Thanks @ky_cbd


Bumpp. Still waiting on labs (the guys out of country or something idk shits wacky)

But in the mean time I’d like to announce our opening of an 1800 SQ ft. store front right around the NC/TN border.

If anyone here has a clothing brand, cool art, or generally make anything fun, we are now considering doing some consignment in the store as well.

Thinking the store will keep ~20% and cover the ~10% local sales tax so we would get about 10% of the pretax sales amount and monthly you’d get your side payed out

We are also down to trade flower for finished product still. Must be compliant in TN and NC and have all the regulatory shit in line.


I’m still interested in seeing more of the hand trimmed flower units, I never got a dm.

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