2021 Newest All-In-One Sealed Carts

Newly released All-In-One Sealed Vape Carts, it delivers the purest flavor profiles without any compression. Do not need capping, which save a lot of time & labor cost when filling oil. Wanna have a try? :grinning:

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Do they have to be filled upside down?

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Yes, all of sealed carts have to be filled upside down, just like pod. Otherwise, it may occur leakage because of air pressure.

looks like a mess without anything to channel oil into the coil, just gonna end up with a cart full of cooked reclaim

I have a company that fills their pods similar to these straight up. Reason I’m asking as most machine don’t fill upside down.

Yes, few of companies have machine to fill carts upside down. But we’re able to offer the filling machine that suitable for it. Highly recommend it to whom have machine to support filling upside down, as the filling process is very simple and quickly.

If there’s a rubber grommet blocking the air holes it will have air pressure build inside the unit anyways no? I don’t see a reason why it would be different filling upside down opposed to right side up.

Oil is filled from the mouthpiece.

and it just cooks in a chamber with a heating element at the bottom and no airflow?

Newest addition to the Webster dictionary: leakproofness.


Kindly review the picture 2 in my post, the airflow goes through the underneth of coil, thanks!

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Although it’s right in theory that rubber gromment can block the air holes and preventing leakage from air pressure. But actually it only decrease the leakage rate, can not elimate leakage totally. Turning upside down when filling is the best way to elimate it.

Whats the purpose of the wire going thru the cart?

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That’s the direction of airflow

This seems pretty extra, also throw back to wicked cartridges?

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They’re totally different no matter on coil or structure.

Send samples out and the forum will give you honest feedback.

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Hi :stuck_out_tongue:Here’s Newest 550mAh Rechargeable & Disposable CBD Vape Pen. No longer need to worried that the battery died while still has oil left in the tank!

Product Highlights:

  • 550mAh Large Battery Capacity, Long Vaping Life
  • Rechargeable With Magnetic Hidden Micro USB Port
  • BCORE Ceramic Heating Element, Superior Vaping Performance
  • Works Well With Different Oil Viscosity
  • Special Airway Design Decreasing Condesate Generation, No Clogging
  • Horizon Intake Holes, No Oil Residue

Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1.0ml
Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Diameter: 12.2mm
Length: 99.5mm(0.5ml)/105mm(1.0ml)
BCORE Ceramic Heating Element
Resistance: 1.4Ω
Output Voltage: 3.3~4.2V
Mouthpiece Material: Lead-free Copper
Tank Material: Lead-free Copper + Pyrex Glass
Housing Material: Stainless Steel

DM pls if you have any further questions, thanks!

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Is the cartridge body material fep, or another plastic?

The carts of vape pen isn’t made of plastic, but lead-free copper.