200 proof or 190 proof?

I’m about to order some Etoh and I’m wondering why not get the 200 proof extractahol for cheaper vs the 190 proof (which is 25% more expensive).

I know the 190 proof is better but I also know that the 200 proof will turn into 190 proof (a higher volume of it) for cheaper. Is there any reason to go with the 190 proof? The organic label?

[edit] After reading a little about benzene I decided to go with the 190 proof even though it is a little more. I wish I had enough to get 5 gal vs 1 or had people to go in on 5 gallons. It is about half price per gallon to get 5 vs 1 but after getting other supplies I guess 1 gallon is better than 0 :slight_smile:

If anybody in the Mid-ish Maine area wants to go in on some Etoh in the future I’d be down :slight_smile:

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Get the cheaper one and add ro water to make it 190

He is being a smartass. Get 200 proof! A more pure product. No brainer! The shit that is 190 proof is probably more expensive because of state liquor taxes. 200 proof ethanol is generally not for drinking so they may have been able to avoid a tax markup. Going with pure ethanol over 95% ethanol sounds like a no brainer to me!

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Extractohol 200 isn’t tax exempt. Not sure why it’s cheaper than 190 but don’t forget to look up the 10% coupon for it as well that’s where I got my last batch of 200


If you guys hit up Northeast Butane and Testing and ask them to do local delivery we can source all that shit for you guys, sans shipping. They do delivery from Mass to ME everyday and have access to our catalog.

Thanks for the heads up brother unfortunately Northeast butane this more expensive then extractohol with the coupon

I spoke with them at MJBizCon. The problem is that many people in the NE are selling EtOH for like 300-400/5gal and they feel like they would be missing out by selling at our MSRP. Gonna work on convincing them that they are missing out on a lot of potential business.


335/shipped for 5gallons od 200 proof food grade NON-denatured is what I’m paying now.

If you can beat that, I’m all ears.

Also I buy the same iso as killa12345 from the same company. Beat 75/shipped and I’m game as well


Same here. 335 shipped to my door using coupon code PC100 at extractohol for 200 proof food grade non denatured


Our MSRP is much better than that but I’m looking into landed cost from NE Butane. Might have to have you guys mention Future4200 as a codeword, lol

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The reason for the price difference is that the 200 proof is dried using Benzene and the 190 proof is organic labelled (is distilled).

They state that the amount of benzene is very low which is why it is food grade.

From amazon:

Question: Is this both 200 proof ethyl alcohol (vs 190) and food-grade? To distill higher than 190 proof, benzene is usually the separation agent.
Answer: Thanks for requiring about Exactohol. Our 200 proof alcohol is food grade. The benzene residual is less than twenty parts per billion. This falls way below the maximum for food grade qualification. Our 190 proof organic alcohol has no additives. Alan
By Extractohol SELLER on September 1, 2016

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Buying that would bankrupt me at 110 a gal

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Can you guys share the link where to get the 5 gallons for $335. I only see 1 and 2.5 gallons on amazon. :pray: thanks


Use coupon code pc100

I’m not affiliated but that’s the cheapest food grade etoh I can get


Didnt they just get shut down by the atf for selling denatured as NON-denatured? Iirc 4 pol died from methanol poisoning.

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Oh wow was it extractohol?

I think it was xfb or what ever carlo posted up. It was discussed a few months back. For that reason alone, I kept going back to my original guy


I remember hearing about at least 2 people dying from methanol Denatured ethanol.

It is important to ensure you are buying CDA-12, which is heptane denatured under ATF authorized formula. We put that formula code prominently on the label. No bullshit names like Extractor 710, 710 Spirits, Botanisolv 200, etc. Those products are also CDA-12 but the focus on the word “Denatured” has led some people to cheap out and use “Denatured” from home depot, smfh.




He posted the link to the company who sold tainted product as clean.

Thanks for digging it up.

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