2 weeks in - Community Update

Hey all,
We just finished the 2 week mark since the start of future4200.com and can say it has been a smooth and successful deployment. At the time of writing we have 363 members, 62.3k total page views with over 4,000 visits a day. Wow! Keep it up!

A special thanks to our Verified Consultants and Vendors for providing expert knowledge and support needed to facilitate the community. If you are interested in contributing to the cause PM @Future or @sidco.

The amount of tek that is being spread is huge. Our team is putting together procedures to ensure this info stays open and available, while still being easy to find and discuss. This will be the primary goal for now.

As always, criticism and feedback are encouraged. Go ahead, get nit-picky!


The website is very well built and implemented. Much nicer than most forums and im assuming we have you to thank for that so thank u


Nope - Open Source power :mage:


i dont just mean structurally but also conceptually. With the rise of consulting thats gonna happen it this market, having a way to search through consultants easily is a big deal and no other place is as well developed or open. Just implementing a discord might be relatively easy but obviously no one else got the memo cause the cannabis forums look they r from 2005


Can we do timed data dumps(txt backups) of the site on blockchain of some crypto? Something with subatomic fees would be best.

100% sidco for this website


We do have RSS enabled. Take any future4200.com link and add .rss and you’ll get a nice grep-able history.


I already do a series of backups but I think RSS / plain text is also super useful. I was thinking about jumping on the IPFS bandwagon, I’m sure a handful of people here wouldn’t mind hosting nodes and keeping future4200.com pinned. There are already systems in place to tie hashes to the blockchain (a match made in heaven).

if i had a more powerful system i would be happy to but right now the most powerful thing i have in house is a chromebook lol

Luckily not a lot of power is needed for IPFS. A raspberry pi 3 with 128g SD would do the trick (~$70 on amazon) + internet


how familiar ru with its implementation? cause if its that resource lite then I hav a bunch of old phones that i could install linux on relatively easy. it might take some messing with but even tho im not a real programmer i can usually find a way to make it work

and leave them around at various free hot spots… sounds awesome!

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