2 micron or smaller triclamp filters

can someone please help me find a reusable 2 micro or finer trislamp filter. the smallest i have found is 5 micron/2500 mesh

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are you sure that’s the right response?
how are you going to clean it?
what are you filtering?

1micron sock filters are readily available and have waaay more surface area that a flat screen. or use a 3D filter aide. same reason.

if you’re determined to go that route. try looking for fritted stainless


i havent looked into sock filters.
im filtering my bho. i have been using whatman grade 5 paper filters but i might have them to tight or i might be running to cold for them. but they keep breaking on me. so i tried gasket filters and im happy with the results so far but being the way i am i wanted to try to find a similar filter but 2.5 micron or finer

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is this for inline dewaxing, simply removing the particulates, post extraction winterization?

what size is your column?

how are you supporting your filter paper?

I’ve used GF/D style glass fiber disks backed with #1 whatman’s (to catch stray fibers) supported by 20mesh triclamp screens (works) or perforated filter plates (better).

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yes its for inline filtration

3" column with 150mesh backers


If u use this u can use those papers, that’s what I do!!!. But you should switch to ashless filter paper

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not to be pedantic, but all three of those could be performed as “inline filtration”. so we’re still guessing at what you’re doing.

best guess is you’re placing these at the bottom of your hydrocarbon extraction rig. where they will catch plant material. or fats and waxes if you have a jacketed dewaxing column that you stall in to coagulate.

if you’re not winterizing later, then filtering as fine as possible before dropping into your receiver makes sense. if you are winterizing, then just doing a rough cut on your crude is sufficient. the fines can be pulled later with as fine a paper (or 3D filter) as you like.

@StoneD is correct, a filter plate that offers more support for the paper than that 150mesh gasket is your best bet.


ty, i have those. my paper are ashless but the problem is that they break . not sure if it is pressure or temp or both. i run my material and tane close to -100 f. i start my filtration at 50 mic, then 25 mic and finally 5 mic. but i want to get down to 2 or less for the final step. that way i can eliminate all spores. they run from 3 mic to 11 mic.

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What psi do u push with?

If they directly on plate w holes for support and still punching thru idk

between 40 lately. the paper filter are sitting in top of a mesh screen at the joint, not on top of the plate with the holes. i dont think the plate keeps the paper filter secure enough

Try this out!


5 micron an unfortunately I don’t know anything deeper than that (why is no one making these?)

ty, i have one of those and i very pleased with the results.


if its legit, might have found something

Yeah you can get sintered metal at finer ranges. I was hoping there’s one that is self-sealing though like the BVV one. What i’d really like is a metal piece like the tri-clamp perforated “filter supports”, except instead of holes it would have sintered metal.

i also have the 5 mic gasket filter below the one you posted.

ty for the links. i hope i found something that might work. if its actually legit.


U didn’t get the one with the clip?