1st SPD run - mantle stuck at 190, head at 50

Need help please. Started my first SPD run at 10:30 am. It is now 2:45 pm. I have been ramping up my mantle temp very slowly. I finally got it up to 195 (setting at 205) and the highest my head temp ever got was 94.3.

Now 30 minutes later, I have tried bumping up the setting over 215 but the mantle temp has not gone up and the head temp has dropped all the way to 45. What do I do? Vac micron at 376.

Post pics


So, my dyi circulating pump stopped working. Would that be the reason the mantle temp and head temp could not get any higher?

Or is that a totally different issue/problem?

If the head clogged, yes

The head doesn’t look clogged - maybe just a tiny bit. There appears to be plenty of room for vapor flow.

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What’s you vac levels at?

You could really take a foot or 2 out of your vacuum hose.

Is your spin bar still working?

Have you fixed your water circulator? Your gonna need some heat there


Vac level was pretty consistent - right around 380 the entire time.

I have already ordered the 300 mm bellows.

I’m pretty sure the spinbar was still going.

Haven’t fixted the heater yet. Shut everything down for now.

I was taking about the silicone hose. The bellow is fine a bit long. Your silicone hose needs to be short as fuck though

You can make the one have the kf25 tee like an inch. The cow to the trap can be shortened.


Yeah - I will shorten those too.

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What cleanup sop have you done before starting spd run
Thc or cbd material

Decarbing at what temp time and volume
How much is in the flask ?

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CBD. Clean up - let BF cool down. ISO in BF. Run through system with receiving flask removed. Then limonite and sugar to clean out.

You probably have leaks everywhere and your Bellow is coated with volatiles. You won’t be able to pinpoint vacuum untill you are running a drier vacuum.


I think he was referring to how do you clean up your crude. Dewaxing, Deterping, degumming.

If you have tons of gums and shit in your boiling flask. It makes this a much longer process

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Decarb for 2 hours at 140

700 g starting material

That’s a 5 liter flask Ian t it ?

Why is your trap not loaded.