1kg CBD Isolate Samples

Hi Future4200 Community,

For anyone looking for a new or additional CBD isolate supplier for 2021, I wanted to give everyone a chance to sample our Isolate in a big way. I am offering 1kg samples of CBD Isolate at $300 or 1/2kg for $150. 1kg maximum order per buyer at this price. This quantity will let you run whatever tests you want and see how our isolate works in your unique process. Pictures and COA below. All isolate is produced from local hemp in SC and GA. If you’re interested, please send me an email at Al@centralprocessors.com

CP - CBD Isolate.pdf (837.0 KB)


I’ll take one if you post the methanol freezer test.


Here are pictures of a 5:1 Methanol - Isolate test that I chilled in the freezer. No Solid lipids or wax. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks


I will be offering these samples until the end of the year.

Two more weeks for this offer.

10 more days

Is bulk pricing the same?

This is only temporary pricing to give new clients a chance sample, test, and work with our isolate. Bulk pricing is determined by order volume and frequency. I’m happy to talk more about you specific needs if you like. Send me a private message or email at al@centralprocessors.com.

For anyone interested I can let you know that we just recently made a sample order a day ago.

Haven’t recieved the product as of yet so I can’t speak on that but overall great professional service, communication and top notch swift order handling.

If product is as good as marketed we will for sure continue to work with these guys.

I’ll let y’all know when the product arrives.

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Thanks for the kind words. Its been a pleasure so for working with you as well.

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@Al_CPHemp QC’d their samples #solid :100:


@ClearScience Appreciate the feedback!

@Al_CPHemp Melted so fast and was so clear we thought it was fake, no lie :wink: #HighGrade


I would like to purchase i am new here so please let me know on the next …I can call you?

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@Happyheart thanks for reaching out! You can simply send me an email at al@centralprocessors.com and we can set up a sample for you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’ve had of people reach out to me over the past few days and I appreciate all the positive feedback so far. I believe that I have responded to every message and email, but if anything got missed over Christmas please let me know. Just a reminder, I’ll be running this offer until the end of the month so only 6 days left. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Al@centralprocessors.com

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Last week for the special Isolate pricing.

I gave you my contact info and shipping address that you requested and am waiting on an invoice or whatever. Please sell me a sample so I know you’re not just collecting peoples’ info on here. Thanks

Hi @SuperCat, I’ve been working to process all the order request through our system. If you sent me your information, you should have received and invoice via email. Can you send me a message or email with your name so I can confirm. Thanks.

I forwarded the original email. Maybe youre email system is malfunctioning.

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