19.4%CBD content? Is any one else testing at these levels?

What is the Highest CBD content people are seeing in flower?
I just got test results back from a guy with 19.4% CBD ???
Any feedback would be helpful :).


I have bought 21% CBD from a local store here in TN


Where was the THC?

I would not expect either of those to be under 1%, certainly not below 0.3%

If the COA’s say ND, then there needs to be an LOD as well.

Edit: by THC, I mean the theoretical 0.877xTHCa +THC “total thc”. Not just the decarb since harvest.


Whats an lod?


LOD is limit of detection (LOQ is also often used). It is basically how hard they are trying to look for it. If LOD is set at 0.002%, that is very different from it being set at 5%. If set as high as 5%, anything under would be considered ND. That doesn’t make it compliant, just makes it so it is harder to tell whether it is.


LOQ is limit of quantitation.

“I can see some” vs “I”m confident how much I can see”.


I’ve seen pre-USDA hemp at 23% but thca was like .87%?

So compliant hemp the highest I’ve seen was a little above 12%.


19 % is not unheard of. My last crop was 16.25% and usda compliant, just barely.


are we talking about Total CBD, CBDa, or CBD + CBDa?

we may have something that can hit 19% CBDa for you!

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BaOx - 18.9% CBDa

Chardonnay x Cherry Wine - 17.6% CBDa

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19.4% CBD is definitely doable. But like the others on this thread said, it’ll be hot for THC…
Pretty much everything I have seen over 12-13% CBD has non-compliant THC levels.

If they have a COA that claims it is THC compliant, i would request a sample and send it to a 3rd party lab… Some labs will doctor test results for extra money… That’s why you see some guys with 18-20% CBD and ND on THC…

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I analyzed quite a bunch of CBD flowers. There are a few strains reaching above 18%. Sometime I got results above 20%, very very rarely so far. In any case the THC woull be in the 0.75%-0.85% range.

Exception if this is a SC-CO2 extracted cbd bud where everything but cbd has been stripped out…

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Yeah seeing 22%+ here.

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Have seen 20%. On a couple lots


:slight_smile: so what strains and who got teh seed plug. Outside of other cannabinoids das a preforming % that doubles most.

My sungrown is around 20% cbd

Most samples I have encountered comes from some clones of a strain names “V1”, that have been distributed all around Switzerland. The clone can be easily sourced. I don’t know about seeds, but there might be people selling feminized seeds obtained from this strain.

I think some people have tried variations, by selfing or mixing with other CBD strains.
Then there are some still confidential and unnamed cultivars that few are testing in their corner. So far, the pool of CBD strains is pretty small, most comes from the same origin. I think there is much room for new strains to appear.

Dealing with oleaginous strains, the vast majority is in the range of 10-14% CBD.
While in case of THC, most rather sit in the 15-19% range.

We have hit over 20% CBD for two years in a row consistently with Oregon CBD genetics. Also this year the Kush Hemp from Sovereign Fields came in at 22% or so.