12L Lab Society Executive, with tons of extras!


I am putting up for sale my Lab Society 12L Executive short path kit with a bunch of extra glass. It has the standard 12L kit, with Welch CRV PRO 8, the secondary condenser kit (Great for pulling off terps without contaminating the heads) an extra cold trap, a bunch of chemtech flasks, as well as 2 EXTRA boiling flasks!

Here is a list of all the glass. I also have pics of every piece that I can send to you if necessary.

2 powder funnels

3 multi distribution adapters

2 metal Ts for vac lines

4 glass vac Ts

2 dewar cold traps, with one extra 500ml collection flask


2 single distribution adapters

1 liter graduated cylinder

3 glass vacuum valves (I think one is chipped on one of the threads)


1 three neck boiling flask

2 four neck boiling flasks

3 -500ml flasks

3 250 ml flasks

6 1000 ml flasks

2 2000ml flasks

2 3000ml flasks

2 silvered distillation heads

4 clear distillation heads/condensers

Also a 2L Sep. funnel, which isn’t part of the distillation system, but throwing it in anyway.

Nitrogen backfill bubbler


Auxiliary condenser kit


It also comes with the mantle, top mantle, stir controller, vapor temp monitors etc… everything that comes with the kit… There is also another extra vapor temp monitor you can hook up to use with the aux condenser kit. There are also a bunch of extra GL fittings, 5 or 6 big stir bars, beaker and wrench GL to KF adapters so you can avoid the GL fittings if you want… plus extra thermocouples for the boiling flask and vapor sensors, extra lab pads, lab jacks, ring stands, boss heads, chain clamps, vac grease, kf fittings, glass stoppers and adapters, digital bluetooth vac gauge, dual sous vide heaters for the recirculating heater system for distillation heads, tons of hosing, tubing, etc etc Im sure there is more stuff ill throw in but this is the nuts and bolts of it.

Essentially this is a turn key setup with extras of pretty much everything you could need. All the little stuff really adds up in price (as we all know HAH!) and hell even those two extra boiling flasks are over a grand a piece.

Anyways, Im located in Southern Oregon, I will ship it for extra cost if need be. Letting it all go for 20k! Hit me up.



See my PM. Looks Nice!

Is it still available

Kit is still available! Lower price to 18k shipping included. Give me a shout!

Unit is SOLD!


That feel when you’re 20 minutes late to the deal. sadface.jpg But glad the both of you are getting what you need and that we have this awesome forum to facilitate it.


Agreed! This place is awesome! I will be putting a 2 in pope up for sale soon also so keep an eye out!


Upgrading? How did u like the 2in?

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I liked it, its is a great unit, just couldnt keep up with production. So I ordered a 6 inch pope that I will be taking delivery of next week!

How much is the 2" ur selling?

I havent quite decided yet. Somewhere around 30k. It will be B&W dosing pump ready and come with everything except vac pump. Im getting the pics and info on all the chillers together and will be posting it later tonight

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What was the throughput of the 2"?

Depends on how good you want the distillate to be. I could pull a couple kilos a day off of it. More if I just wanted to blast through it.

Let me know when your ready to off the 2”. I have beard feom many sources to avoid the non jacketed version of the 6”. The heat bands just dont work the way your gonna need them too

I agree. I have witnessed it personally. I went with the jacketed 6 inch. The heat bands have hot and cold spots, and dont always heat evenly. You end up having much less consistent results with the bands. They are ok for stripping, but for distillation I would only use the oil jacket.

@Concentrated_humbold 2 Inch Pope WFE For Sale. B&W Dosing Pump Ready!

@Thetetraguy meant to tag you as well! 2 Inch Pope WFE For Sale. B&W Dosing Pump Ready!

How much would you take for the whole lot. The wiped film and the spd. I’m taking to a client about going distillation and this might save us some time.

The LS short path was already sold, now just the pope is for sale @Killa12345