2 Inch Pope WFE For Sale. B&W Dosing Pump Ready!

I am selling my Pope 2 inch wiped film. Comes with everything you need to run except for a vac pump. Does not include the Beaker and Wrench dosing pump, but will have the A&C Feed Flask that you see in the pic, as well as the tubing for it. You can either run it on a standard drip feed, or if you want to add a dosing pump, you can buy just the dosing pump from Beaker and Wrench and not have to buy the whole kit. I may even throw in the dosing pump controller, (I am thinking about buying the new digital one) that way all you would have to do is buy the actual pump unit for a couple grand from them, and you would essentially have a 10,000 dollar dosing pump kit ready to go at a fraction of the price.

I will also inclue the spare parts kit, as well as some spare parts I bought… Basically all the bushings and o rings that could possibly go out. I think it was like 600 bucks worth of spare parts. I can give an exact list of what is there if you need it. I also just replaced all of the bushings, o rings, and seats in the motor shaft. Has probably 15-20 hours since its all been replaced. So it basically is brand new. Also has a pretty much brand new internal condenser and wiper blades. Condenser and blades have maybe 60 hours on them.

Not pictured that is included in this kit is the external condenser. It has a small chip at the very bottom of the 24/40 joint where the flask would connect, but does not have any effect on the vacuum that can be pulled on this system. I regularly pulled sub 70 micron on this system with a single edwards 30 that dead headed at 50 micron ( I know it needs to be rebuilt lol) so the components on this system are tight like a tigah.

It will come with the cold trap flasks and external condenser flasks, as well as either 2 or 4 , 2 liter pope flasks, as well as a couple extra 2L Chemglass flasks. Im not exactly sure on the inventory of the flasks but I will double check before we make a deal. Admittedly the system does not pull as deep a vac with the Chemglass flasks, you will want to use those for stripping, and the pope flasks for distillation.

This pope comes with a polyscience IP-60 as well as these cole parmer units.




Located in Southern Oregon. Take it today for 30k (Hey that rhymes!) or 31k, professionally packed and shipped via freight anywhere in the US.
So there ya go! Dont go spend 48k and wait 8-12 weeks for a 2 inch pope, and then spend another 10k for the BW dosing pump… Pay 31, have it wrapped in a neat pretty package and shipped to your doorstep TODAY! then another couple grand for a dosing pump and BAM! You are in business!

Feel free to ask any questions! Pictures to follow

Sent a PM.

I am reducing the price from 30k to 28k!

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How much for just the WFE, none of the auxiliary equipment?

Sorry for not getting back to everyone sooner! I have answered all of the DMs. When taking apart the Pope I realized that both of the flanges for the oil jackets on the still body had been incorrectly tightened and had chipped the flanges. I did not want to sell anyone broken equipment, so I sent it off to Adams & Chittenden to have the flanges properly repaired. I just received the still body back and she is better than new!

All of that to say, the Pope is now ready for sale again! Shes clean as a whistle and ready to work!

Is this still avail?

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