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There has been a lot of news lately about Terpene Companies not disclosing their ingredients. We here at Gold Coast Terpenes have been discussing keeping our IP, our IP. But in light of recent news we are planning on releasing our ingredient list.

Is this something everyone would be interested in knowing??

Its a 100% natural plant derived sesquiterpene unlike any other company…if this thread gets some buzz, we will release the information Friday at 4:20 PST

Any guesses on what it could be???

$100 in store credit to the guy (or gal) who guesses right!!!


Squalene lol


We’ll see if you’re right!! We will be announcing the winners on Friday @ 4:20


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Ethylene cellulose

Do I get multiple entries?! :smiley:


BuZzzzzzz…lets hear it!

Lilibel, we admire your persistence, but, let’s try to keep it at one entry. Great guesses tho!


So far you’re the closest one!

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Some honey terpene…!


Almost jiggy, almost

That’s what I was thinking after his response good shot!

Maybe the flower the bee would get to make honey…lol this may be like the “it comes from fruit” comment on CRC lol side tracked for sure!

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Oh man, okay I will hold back but honestly as the clues appear it makes it more fun to try to figure it out!!

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Hi Lilibel! :slight_smile:

I don’t want to hijack this thread so let’s go in DM or we can use our thread for more discussion, OK?

We had the ingredients on the Thickener page for a short while, the same ingredients we listed here (no “ethylene cellulose”). We removed it from the page to create a better reading experience for the average customer. Some people were getting confused by the amount of information we shared.

@GoldCoastTerpenes I’m sorry we have dipped into your thread. But while we’re here we wanted to say welcome to the forum, and that this is a very cool thread concept! I’m almost on the edge of my seat waiting till Friday too :smiley:


straight α-(−)-bisabolol

Think odorless…

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Haha nice! On the slick tip! :wink:

maybe a Farnesol/ Bisabolol derivative?

I got it, it’s mineral oil!!!, O wait that’s TT

Lol btw @GoldCoastTerpenes what’s guy gotta do to get sample!


:wink: haha i would be mind blown if everyone coming out with these “new proprietary” recipes is using this one that was released like a month ago. But then again I can sorta see it happening

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For those of you that are looking for some free samples, we would be happy to ship some your way!!

Just DM us your shipping info along with a name, E-mail and phone number. And we’ll get some out right away.

We’ll even throw in some of our top strains to knock your taste buds to another dimension.