$0.25-0.50 per gram! THC & Pesticide Remediation in NorCal at cGMP/FDA/Kosher Certified Facility

We are happy to offer THC Remediation for lower cost than most competitors while retaining 95%+ of minors and CBD potency in most cases!

Located just outside Sacramento in our cGMP, Kosher and FDA approved Food Processing facility we have the capacity for 30-45 kilos of THC Remediation daily.

Additionally our clients can take advantage of our white labeling services to custom formulate and package finished goods including but not limited to tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, and water-soluble products. We also produce an entire line of dietary supplements and nutrients.

Please DM with email address for a brochure containing Comparative Before & After CoAs, Remediation Reports and Pricing Matrix for Toll-THC, Pesticide and Color Remediation Services as well as our White Label Formulation Pricing.

To speak directly over a 15 minute discovery call about your specific needs please DM with phone number and availability and one of our representatives will be in touch.


Do you do toll runs? Got 40 lbs of high cbd. No pesticide or thc remediation needed.

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Unfortunately we do not offer extraction tolling. We do offer color remediation, pest remediation, THC remediation, isolation, distillation and formulation tolling however.

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I have worked with these gentlemen plenty of times and they do great work. When clients need higher throughput than our chromatography lab can provide we contract the extra work to them. Even when our analytics lab didn’t dilute the samples enough before testing and total cannabinoids came out to 150 percent, there was not a single trace of any thc isomer that popped up, and our lab gives us the data that is below LoQ all the way down to the thousandth of a percent, not even a single thousandth. Will continue to do business with these guys for years to come.


@GreenMachine_Consult the support is much appreciated especially coming from your team :muscle:


For anyone curious about our final products appearance here’s a pic of our last batch processed for a client.

Jar on the left was finished with final process about 4 hours before pic was taken and was starting to crash already.

Jar on right had just been through the final process and was still warm.


Here is a copy of the analytics from a recent batch of Tfree. Client’s name has been redacted to protect their privacy.

Check out the minor cannabinoid retention…


7% minors with T-Free! Friggin Rockin! Great job y’all!


Looks great! Please give me pricing and your capacity when you get a chance.

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Shoot me an email addy and I’ll get it right over!

@Kinsmanofthesun I appreciate the support my dude!



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So how sure are we that the CBC isn’t HHC given the similar retention times on HPLC?

Additionally is the CBL really CBL?

I’m just wondering if you have NMR data for this oil to confirm compound identity?

Not knocking anything, just saying it’s pretty dangerous to assume that compounds are cannabinoids based on HPLC alone when you’re doing catalytic remediation.

After all organometallic catalysts are known to be prettttty strong and not super selective :wink:


Call me brother…you have my cell number :call_me_hand: @CO_Chromatography

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I’m not here to divulge our methods… just offering economical THC remediation in efforts to provide all the upside down entities sitting on hot disty an affordable way out of their financial crises…and I encourage pilot runs from any new clients to confirm satisfaction prior to engaging in large volume work orders.

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Please dm me with remediation pricing I apologize I have a hard time on the mobile version looking at my message chains between specific users. I lost track of some of the messages I just realized a web browser has pictures of the people I was talking to so I can follow back up

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Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a brochure… I can’t upload PDFs


Sending pm

@Mosaic_Co-Labs works his butt off for his customers. I have not had him clean up any disty for me, but I have bought some from him that was A+! Looking forward to buying some tfree with high minors very soon!


@Kinsmanofthesun much appreciated!

Even if those happen to be unknowns, that’s still better than most t-free CBD disty out there.