You can bring cannabis on the plane TSA just confrimed it

Im still in the airport now. I missed my flight because I didnt have my passport and I had to go through am extra screening where they verifiy my information. After going through this I had to get an extra screening of my luggage where they have to go through everything even if nothing shows on xray. I remembered I had a about 5 joints in my bag and I was waiting for TSA to find them. When they did the guy gave me a look and I told him to throw them in the bin. He then called over one of his supervisors and I thought I was getting in serious shit as he found a 3 pack of joints lmfao.

I was close to telling him to give me a break and its only a few joints and before I could the guy turned around to me and said its all good he just needed to notifiy a supervisor if they find cannabis and as long as its less than 28 grams its good to go. He said it was a customs issue and as long as its not duffle bags its cool. Another passenger overheard and double checked and the guy repeated it. This is in a legal state going to a legal state so thats why its cool he said. It wouldnt work if you were travelling to/from a non legal state.

No you can all be at ease when travelling with your smoke :slight_smile:


I’ve had this confirmed by multiple TSA agents as well haha


From what i understand they dont care where your flying and you can get in trouble at the next airport if its a non legal state


Been like this for some time.


Yep. Was super weird the first time I saw it done. Boss flopped multiple 1/8’s on the conveyer as we flew to CO from OR. That was three or four years ago years ago…

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Anybody ever have any issues flying with concentrates? I’ve flown with flower multiple times no problem but I’m trying to bring some sauce back to ny and I know TSA tends to trip about any liquids. Should I just keep it in small 5ml jars or would a half full baller jar go unnoticed? Also, theres pretty big stones in it so I don’t want them to mistake it for a non cannabis narcotic.

I brought a bunch of stuff back from Seattle no problem. I live in TN…

If you would have seen what the @Chemistrees and his partner just carried on a flight, you would think tsa dont give a fuck these days. they literally had a 12 " pelican case full of diamonds and terps.

I thought i had balls of steel but these dudes took it to another level. I just flew back and forth from vegas with a few oz of flower and 2oz of concentrates each way practically and im here typing this. Most people there had some pretty impressive head stashes.


Glad you made it home safe! I will confirm that to hang with killa for even just a short time you will end up high as giraffe pussy. Great meeting you man!


I have been flying in and out of Denver with carts and pens since August


how does one correctly travel with a torch?

I’ve had my butane soldering iron(s) confiscated twice now.

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I just brought a liter through the airport. You good, trust me.


By using a puffco peak

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doesn’t solve the need for the soldering iron :wink:

I admit I was trying to kill two birds (and get stoned)

rules mention something about a “case”.

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i bring a enail and leave the cheap china rigs everywhere i go… I left one at the GLG house on Friday too. LOL.

I buy cheapie chinese rigs for under $20 and just pack the enail for the trip. Kinda sucks leaving $20 every where i go but im not taking it back with me dirty. Id rather dab everywhere like i do at home…

Sucked i missed ya


I’m smoking on some lemon trees they gifted me currently in NC. My whole crew flew with sacks full, even the felon who always gets extra checked didnt get looked at twice.


Resonate is like 5 bucks. Cleans yiur rig sparkly clean in like a minute. If u wanna bring ur nice rig
But i do understand your logic. Its just easier to use a throwaway.

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We used to go camping and dirtbiking back in the day. We would bring a cheap bong and ritually throw it off the highest ledge we could find at the end of the trip.

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