YOC Dirty Diamond Tek - THCa isolation from Crude


The bug becomes the feature.


yo i’ve been searching and reading hella and i literally just keep ending up here… Do those fritted tubes work with the 50ml fuge from viking supply or off amazon ?? thanks

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Yes they do

Don’t buy from Viking supply, just a rebranded ld-3 from Amazon

And as @ky_cbd said, yes they do

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No matter the centrifuge as long as 50 ml capacity our tubes will work, we do highly recommend this heated centrifuge, it is extremely heavy duty it won’t vibrate and We’ve ran these for literal days on end with out ever having an issue, pay no attention to Fickle Pickle hes just a hater

You obviously dont know about our heavy duty, heated centrifuge- were the lowest cost in the industry Heavy Duty Heated Centrifuge 6 x 50ml

They’re not talking about that one tho.

Your ld-3 is 225, they’re about 150-180 on Amazon. I get some discrepancy, but 50% more is a lot.

Yours is yellow, the others are beige.

I’ll say the tubes you get aren’t pricey for singles.

We’ve been through this before, y’all rebranded a cheap piece of shit, and charged a 100% mark up. I could give a shit less about your Heavy duty fuge when it has pretty good odds to be another rebranded piece garbage

Just a hater of people doing shitty business, taking advantage of someone’s ignorance. Says a lot about you and Viking supply

The little upcharge covers our time that it takes to help people troubleshoot and run our tech properly as well as other tips and tricks for a good separation- you can buy online for close to $200 ( https://a.co/d/2RuhzmR ) and get just the centrifuge or you can pay $225 from us and get the included seperation tubes ($60 value) and you get unlimited tech support for its intended use as well as post processing info, i believe its a fair trade off

We only charge $225, and they come with 6 x separation tubes ($60 value) + we give unlimited tech support as well as post processing tips and tech.

Is somebody wants to buy them on Amazon let them go ahead, but they’re still going to pay more when they end up buying separation tubes Amazon.com

Get off your high horse man

Now you only charge 225, you used to charge 100% more than what it was being sold on Amazon for


And since when are 6 tubes $60?? Here’s 50 of them for $129 with tax and shipping

So what you meant to say is ($15.48 value)

Go spew your bullshit elsewhere

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I like the tek, so I will let pass any business practices associated with it.

People need to eat man.

Not saying I would still buy It though. I got the centrifuge and 50 (arguably better) tubes for less than $250 on Amazon.

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The tek is great, I just hate the used car salesman tactics. For instance, $60 value for 6 tubes? It’s a straight up lie

Those tubes are dog shit, not even close to what we sell, all of our tubes are German made with a glass frit - go ahead and use those tubes with the paper filters, they suck and dont do the job properly.

I would like to see the tubes that you purchased, I highly doubt they hit the quality of our German made glass frit tubes

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Yea, I change the filter on mines. ss mesh. The hard part is cutting it to size.

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I use these ones that have a basket that fits in the 50ml tube. It’s 0.45um. I’d like to have 10um tho. They take a while to filter. But work amazing with the baskets. I reuse them like 4 times before I even clean them out. I’m gonna get some bigger more size and speed it up. If I can find a 10um or a 20um I’d love it.

something like this maybe?


I cut the filters for those Amazon 50pks exactly 23.3mm btw. Seems to get best fit with that.

Stock, it is actually a 2 piece filter, ptfe membrane and a paper filter that seems to be there to support the ptfe filter.

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