YMD-200 Wiped 8" Film for sale in Minnesota

8" wiped film with diffusion pump, and extra set of collection flasks. We only used one of the chiller units and the vacuum pump for some short path distillation work, everything else is was setup tested and parked working. I don’t want to be responsible for any glass breaking so we will not ship the unit. Buyer will have to organize creating and shipping. It’s set up and connected to power if you want to test it. Please PM. $75,000

Looks unused? Never ran it?

If you did run it did you ever get that piece of shit diffusion pump to work?

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We never produced enough feed stock to justify running it. We only ran water through it to clean out the foam balls they pack it it. The diffusion pump works, but idk if it helped any on our SP runs. It’s pretty much the same pump that’s in a GC/MS.

If the diffusion pump didn’t help any then it didn’t work. Sorry about your purchase, I know @BreakingDabs has had great success with a highly modified version of this unit. I have one that’s for sale and collecting dust RN too.

Yeah the stock diff pump is a joke for this unit. I had the 150. Worked awesome