Xtractor depot Titan 40 teardrop honeypot/recovery vessel

Item Model/Manufacturer: xtractor depot massive honeypot.
Description: massive… (and heavy) jacketed recovery vessel from xtractor depot.
Price/MSRP: $not sure as it was only sold as part of a whole setup… the titan 40… that they don’t even sell anymore. But this thing is a tank. Has a 4x36 coil internally for additional heating. Has a large jacket. This thing is very effective when dealing with large volumes. Pours out the bottom. Could be used as a solvent tank also.
Current location of item: outside Sacramento
Estimated lead time: available immediately
Fulfillment: would consider shipping
User support / Warranty: none. But this thing is invincible.

I’ll even throw in a bunch of swagelock 1/2 compression fittings and valves


Is it asme stamped


Things been ridden hard and put away wet


It is.

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