Xtractor Depot + GLG!

Hello Future4200 members and the entire good life gang!
Recently, Xtractor Depot has joined the GLG affiliate discount group, and I would like to personally extend our helping hand to the community.

At Xtractor Depot https://xtractordepot.com/ , we provide a one stop shop for extraction equipment.

We offer:

-Turnkey systems; Hydrocarbon & alcohol extraction, winterization, recovery, and distillation.

-Consultations; Phone, in store, and field consultations for licensed facilities

-Consumables; extensive selection of solvents, filter paper and socks, remediation powders, and the best dry ice prices in the area (0.45¢ a pound on 500+ lbs)

-Equipment; fittings, gaskets, hoses, glass, and tons of useful lab tech.

-Repairs; Service pumps, heater/chillers, ovens, almost any piece of operational equipment can be fixed by our service department.

-Glass repairs; We can fix most minor glass breaks, specifically broken joints. If there is something specific you need, we can also make a custom piece thanks to our in house glass department.

-Engineering services; Peer or field reviews of equipment or entire labs. We work with your local government and fire department to ensure you facility is up to code. Most legal states can be served, contact us for more info.

And now that we are officially part of the affiliate program, any member of GLG can receive 10% off of our:
-Pump repairs
-Glass repairs
-Engineering services

Feel free to contact me personally and I can answer any of your questions about Xtractor Depot and the good life gang.

Thank you Future4200 and the entire community!
-Troy (909)222-8565


We have two locations in Southern California; San Bernardino, and Montebello

455 W Century Ave e, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Come check out our 50,000 sq ft warehouse in Montebello!

855 e Washington blvd, Montebello, CA 90640


Toss up some of your goods and pricing if you may.

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Will do!
Is there anything you were looking for in particular?
Here’s a general layout of our solvents

Gas solvents: We stock N.Butane and 70/30, can special order any blend
100# tank = $550 (+$250 for first time tank deposit)
50# tank = $225 (+$100 for first time tank deposit)

Liquid Solvents:

Alcohol denatured with Heptane
5gal: $174.99
55gal: $800

1gal: $25
5gal: $100
55gal: $700

For our repairs, it is $100 diagnostic fee that will go towards a repair or new pump, and we will call you about the full repair price once we know what parts are needed, Prices vary by equipment, parts, and labor.

For glass repairs, there is no initial fee, and we will call about cost of repair once it is determined by our glass department.

Engineer services are $5,000 for a field review, $7,500 for a peer review of one of our Xtractor Depot systems, and $10,000 for a review of a non Xtractor Depot system with approval from the company where the system is from.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


We have a lot of closed loop, rotovape, short path, ethanol, and wiped film extractors here. I would start there.


Heck yeah! The new building is looking great. Love the sign!


I built a custom Active CLS using Xtractor Depot parts. This was about two years ago. I have to say I never had any issuses and the parts I used were well built/crafted. Actually the double jacket recovery tank I have is a relic lol Y’all discontinued the one I had. I have a suggestion. It would be awesome if y’all stocked bidirectional manifolds :grin: After weeks of trying to find somebody to build one for the setup I had to to go peice it together.

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Im glad to hear your system is running good! Where did you want the manifold? Is it for injection or recovery?


http://erp.xtractordepot.com/jobs/detail/ceo-1# lol I just applied for CEO at extractor depot its going to be a pleasure having you work for me troy227. I sure hope this next quarter is a killer one so I can give you a raise …:wink:


Maybe I should apply too. That is just too funny. Haha. That was a great find @ToOmUcH. Fucking classic!!

Nice show room.


looks like the link is dead :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s probably cause I clicked on it. Lol. I broke it. Once I applied they stopped looking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Link has be removed due to the position being filled by @ToOmUcH already.



For those who didn’t see it. It was a page to apply to be the xtractor depot ceo. It had all the job requirements which didn’t seem complicated. No educational requirements. But also didn’t list compensation either.

It was a awesome find @ToOmUcH. You literally made me crack up when I saw that. :clap::clap::clap:


Didn’t you get the memo … I’m already on top bruh got this interview in the baG they knew it and shut it down to not get anyone else hopeful… lifes not fair sometimes but I applied first!


mO mOnEy mO pzroBlemz…


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Oh I’ll clarify I no longer run that equipment. I’m in a different lab now doing strictly RFE distillate. The manifold was for bottom soaking and switch to a top flush. Also i want to tell you one last thing. This is not to single you out but this is a case for all extractor equipment providers. We need the correct valves for usage. Example we need SS Globe valves and recommend them on anything with regulating flow. Ball valves are made for open and close only. Regulating with them cause an uneven degrade where small leaks start sooner than later. I know yall have a butterfly ball valve. But is it a true butterfly valve or ball valve? bc these are two different types of valves. Butterfly valves are for regulating flow also. The reason globe and butterfly valves are for regulating because fluid evenly degrades the whole valve which in return makes the valve last longer. This is just criticism bc I was shocked when i notice none of the apporatie valves are recommended nor are they stocked. I’ve taken instrumentation classes with my ptech degree. I seen a post earlier somebody was giving a valve 6 months of life before actually liquid is seen coming out of the valve. This is not even a ppm test just an eye one. Please do some R&D on instrumentation. Yall products are used worldwide and a single recommendation for this could save a possible devastating leak.


We will definitely look into those type of valves. Can you please provide a link to one you would find ideal?