(x-post/test) THC Imposters

Isn’t it amazing in one lifetime how the term “drug testing” has changed lolz? Perhaps it is still a nervous time for those involved with marijuanna but at least now if you fail a drug test in this context they just tell you to keep the drugs and not sell them… times are a changing…

Let me share the most basic test I use that hands down informs me how well the compound is going to vape. I always touch the tip of my tongue to the compound after my “distillation” process and detect taste. Pure compound leaves zero after taste or any real taste at all. Very clean and clear compound can leave a hideous aftertaste if tainted by in particular boiling flask temps that exceed about 165C irregardless of vacuum. Flask temps in excess of 185C start to get pretty nasty with this test and can leave an aftertaste that is both nasty and hangs on for along time (into the day) sort of like if you bite into a grapefruit peel hard. The bitter part sticks with you a long time.

I call this kind of test the common sense test. Using common senses to test, touch, look, taste, feel and smell all tell the tale but without digital numbers. The touch of extract can tell me what kind of terpene content I am dealing with. Pure compound is tacky and not sticky and wanting to cling. Smell also tells the tepene tale but also reveals off flavors easily. The look of pure compound is clear and very pure compound takes on a gem like quality in the light. The tip of the tongue when held for thirty seconds is very sensitive but also the compounds will tickle all the different taste bud types. Pure compound to me is tasteless. It gets gross from there taste wise to me. Super gross in fact the further off of pure it is. The smell of pure compound is virtually undetectable but in any case a strong smell of any kind of course indicate contamination of pure compound.

Common sense testing won’t mean a thing insofar as regulatory issues but I believe without question that for quality control it beats any other kind to nail down quality. Plus you can see without delay the effects on taste say of running your crude at a 220C boiling flask temp versus a say 185C temp boiling flask. It is very revealling in this manner and a lab may produce peaks and call them mysteries but just knowing what caused them (perhaps temp) and not what they are (except foul flavors) is really the important factor for long term Q&A.