WTS: CBD Biomass, CBG Biomass & CBD FLOWER(hot) & 700 liters of various oils

Make me an offer….

25klbs of

200liters of

200liters of

200 liters of

20k lbs if

20k lbs of

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Someone’s gotta be interested…… willing to pay broker if price is right.

It was suggested that i post a video of how material is stored…. Been stored in atmospheric controlled bins to preserve freshness.


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Where are you at on prices for the cbd biomass? Just throw a number out there

Would like $12-15/lb considering it’s been processed into flower…… but ultimately money talks!

Bump…… still have 384 liters of full spec disty and 22k lbs of flower @ 14%…… looking for someone to take the whole lot preferably.

Would like $1.30/lb for flower and 130/liter for the oil but cash is king.

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*correction actually have 474 liters of Full Spec. 2RL-220420-005.pdf (343.1 KB)
2RL-220505-003.pdf (374.0 KB)
2RL-220505-002 (1).pdf (371.2 KB)