Wtf happened to the “gamesmanship” thread

Got this when I tried to follow the link. And I’m a level 3 currently so I should be able to see it if it was moved to the toking lounge…

What happened to this thread @sidco

@raghanded @TennesseeJed @qma more shenanigans.

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Same here was hitting reply

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Now whole threads are getting deleted :joy::joy::fire::facepunch::facepunch::roll_eyes:

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Shits wild…

Since sidco isn’t answering…

@Sidco_Cat get your child on the line and explain this BS…

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Thats her son, not her man.



And I thought they were married this whole time, how the fuck I came to that conclusion, I don’t know…

I’m loling

@qma adjusted.

Learn something new on this forum everyday

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I’ll try to get him on it. What’s up? Is this since flagging shenanigans?

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I just want to know why the thread was deleted. I know it wasn’t above post limit…

Never seen this happen (unless above post limit), just wanting to see what’s up.

Thank you for the response.

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I was demoted over a thread that was deleted anyway. If Im voted in as a level 4, I promise to not give any thought to “respected personalities” instead, Ill call them out on their gaslighting and bullshit