Wtb Used ultrasonic homogenizer

Hi I’m looking to buy a gently used ultrasonic homogenizer. Ive been looking at local universities to see if I could find one as well. Just doing some r&d and don’t want to buy a busted wand on Ebay.

The cheap eBay wands from China malfunction and leak metals into your sample v easily- personal experience speaking here, got a 2000w and it fried at a critical time and the seller made it a real bitch to return- took me a month to get my money back and had to file a PayPal suit to get it finished.


Most look like a fancy dremmel on a lab stand

You’re thinking high shear homogenizer

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Should I go another route? Not trying to poison my patients

What are you using it for?

Trying to create a high cbd tincture that doesn’t crystallize. After reading some of your past comments I’m looking into encapsulation as well. It would also be useful as a homogenizer for the low dose edibles and topicals. I feel like there isn’t an even dispersal.

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I’m also in the market and need for this. Did you ever get pointed in the right direction? :thinking:

When I used a wand homogenizer on tinctures I didn’t notice any different response from patients than when I didn’t use one. I did think it was useful for CBD cartridges but I could only process 10 at a time. In the end I started making cannabis derived terpenes and using them to dilute the CBD distillate and keep it from crystallizing instead of using a homogenizer

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