WTB used 20l roto and Ultra low freezer



Want to buy a 20l roto and chiller and ultra low freezers
Email : billyagfarms@gmail.com


I’ve got two large upright freezers that are -80 Thermo Scientific units. I can get you specifics. Freezers located in arcata CA units are fully functional and priced at $5000 and $8000. One is several years newer than the other and ill make a deal if you want both. I also have 3 20L roto vape that I’m currently using but will be replacing shortly. You are welcome to them as they become available.


Can you email me at billyagfarms@gmail.com


Is it UL listed?



Do you still have the $5000 freezer, and if so, what is the size?


its either 17 cuft or 21 cu ft and yest i still have them. sorry for the severly delayed response. my cell is 707-672-6289 for future messages


Check out Precision Mechanical out here in WA. This guy refurbishes Cascade refrigeration systems and I think he ships.


No problem, thank you!! Nowadays, any response is a welcome one. This industry is notorious for flakiness, so thank you again for getting back to me! Will let you know if this will work or not.