WTB: T Free Broad Spectrum Distillate

Looking for consistent supplier of t-free broad spectrum distillate.

Must be able to confirm NO THC.

The more minors, the better.

We aren’t interested in any distillate with no minors. It has to have some, or people think were using isolate.

Thank you future4200

Bump. Still looking for suppliers. Consistently purchasing.

Hello how much tfree?

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We have about 2800kg ready to ship. my phone number and e-mail is in your DM’s

I’ve got it for $950 per liter or less depending on volume. How much are you looking for? Call/text me at 727-543-3419 for additional information.


Tfree for $950??? Damn where’s the bottom?


Anyone beating 950?

I picked one up for $750 here:

https://juniperbiolabs.com/BROAD-SPECTRUM-CBD-hemp-distillate-with-minor-cannabinods-80-CBD--Non-Detect-THC--1-Liter_p_12.html .

They are a member here.


We purchased from juniper labs (1 kilo for 750) and sent to a licensed prop 64 California cannabis lab.

The lab results came up .02% THC and we need non-detect. I just dropped a sample off to bel costa to confirm results.

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Bump still looking

I’m waiting on CoAs
The in house triple Mass confirmed it

Lmk and I will polish it ul

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Still looking for the best quality and deal. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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What is your email?


$500/kg of active CBD

@mgucci DM your contact info and I’d be happy to provide EXACTLY what you need for the best pricing available


Bump still looking to purchase today

Bump. Who has the best distillate on the market?

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