WTB SOP for cold-blending HHCA/THCA crystals/isolate into CRD

I’ve seen some products around that are THCA isolate crystals blended into CBD CRD to produce a foggy but functional vape cartridges with this “distillate”. This is apparently done without heat.

I’ve tried hand-stirring HHCA crystals into our CRD and we had issues with clumping.

I’ve contemplated just throwing it into reactors, putting in low viscosity cannabinoids to help dissolve, etc. I need some guidance to save time.

Anyone have anything?

I’ll do you this for free, buy a speedmixer and blend away.

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There is a difrance in no heat and warm
The recomended mixer should do the trick
But may I ask what temp you would max allow ??
I personally use a high shear mixer for
Polymer mixing works ok to 3 liters

Why mix with cbd ?
It s a fact that it tempers the psychoactive hhc-(a) there are better options in my opinion

It’s important to avoid decarb, so while warm is possible, it would have to be well controlled and we haven’t had much luck under 40-50 celsius.

I am at a loss currently for which sheer mixer to use. We’ve worked with one for our cosmetic products, but I’m not sure it has enough horsepower for mixing cannabinoids at room temperature.

CRD is a nice low viscosity compared to other cannabinoids, but it’s not the only possibility. Some product options would allow for HHC to be the main carrier oil. I’m shooting for roughly a 50/50 mix here.

That’s extremely helpful, thank you!

Though, have you ever used this sort of equipment for the purpose I had in mind?

Similar. I use mine to mix room temp decarbed diamonds and HTE without heating either. It wont have an issue for your application. But reach out to the company and get a demo, itll either work or it doesnt and if it doesnt it costs ya nothing but your time.

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