WTB - Rotary Evaporator

I’m looking for a used rotary evaporator on the west coast. 10L or 20 liter will do…would consider a 50. Willing to drive and pick up…will drive further for the right deal.

I’m sure some of you have a working roto sitting in storage. Help a guy out and get some cash?

I have 3 available
6026203491-signal or telegram

Cyclopath has quickly convinced me I just need a 5L and a still. Being a hydrocarbon guy, I can set a still up in an afternoon unless I need to order some odds and ends.

My mind was going on the easiest path forward…roto…mind didn’t need to think. Building a still…mind needs to think…to lighten the burden on the pocket book and use what’s mostly on hand. I don’t really need more shit…I need less shit actually.

So I need a 5 liter roto and it’s time to turn my butane distillation rig into an alcohol distillation rig. Got a second rig just to distill solvent…so it can do double duty.

5L ROTOVAP:RE-201D RE-301 RE-501 2L 3L 5L rotary evaporator for laboratory

Hello, this is Kiki from Shanghai Linbel Instrument Co.,Ltd. We are Chinese manufacturer of rotary evaporator, 5L, 10L, 20L or 50L are all in stock.
Glad to talk more if you are interested in our products.
Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype: +86 13127877327.
Ins: kikilv-linbel
Below are some pictures for your reference:

All these Chinese suppliers are hitting me up… Because I guess they have used rotary evaporators in storage units. But instead they try and sell me new ones. Lol


lol why not choose a new one

Well… because I’m a cheap bastard who loves a good buy. Plus, I feel like if a china roto has been used, and is still working, that it is a half decent piece. Sometimes you buy something from china and it dies in 5 hours. A used roto would have survived the dead upon receipt situation.

I’ll probably have to buy a new one though…but I’ll probably buy through USA labs or the like to get state side service.

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That’s interesting by saying “buy something from China and it dies in 5 hours” Seems you have bought some broken items from China, if yes I feel sorry about that, but when you buy something so cheap you should know in advance that the rotavap might have been broken even at the time you open it’s package…(of course not including Linbel equipment, we are the best manufacturer hahaha)

But it does make sense, if somebody has used the rotavap for some time it means at least it was able to work before :slight_smile: I think it’s probably a better choice for you.

I would just go with

Or a Lanphan.

I have a Lanphan 5L I should’ve gone through USALabs because at least they check theirs. My RE-501 came with a busted water/oil bath and I contacted Lanphan and they had no intentions of helping me or replacing the water/oil bath, I even offered to pay the shipping costs their and back and they still refused and told me to look for a third party supplier, they didn’t offer me a discount on a new one which I would’ve honestly purchased a replacement for 250$.

Going through a US importer, you at the very least get the in-country customer support and that hopeful assumption that because they’re the importer and charge a small mark-up that they at the very least make sure the product isn’t defective.

That’s my 2 cents.


That’s the unit I intend to buy. I’m running an old re-501 right now that is a loaner. Trying to set up a still for bulk evaporation though.

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JRE-50 and another one for sale perhaps.