WTB: Licensed thc crude, so cal

Hi guys,

I’m a licensed manufacturer in So Cal. My normal crude supplier has had some issues. I generally pull 40-80L a week. Parameters are 72+% d9 content, ethanol winterized and decarbed (like for real) I do really good regular business. Even when my regular supplier is back on I still would maintain the relationship as a secondary supplier

Note: At scale I generally prefer to work on 7 day terms. As a new relationship I’m not opposed to doing a smaller spot buy if that can’t be facilitated. I’d prefer no brokers. Also if you’d like to start taking terms from clients but not actually give terms I can link you with a great financing company that will pay you out instantly on terms for a small fee. We’re an approved buyer with them already. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, have you found the THC crude already?